LPKF Laser & Electronics announced the worldwide release of the new ProtoLaser S at the IEEE MTT-S 2008 exhibition in Booth 905.

The new ProtoLaser S is a fully enclosed laser system for PCB prototyping and production on-demand. This stand-alone laser-based system works directly off of CAD data to produce circuits on a variety of materials, including ceramic, PTFE, as well as thin and flexible substrates. The protective cabinet allows for a Class 1 laser safety rating, which protects the user from noise emissions and prevents any accidental interference in the operational process.

The ProtoLaser S combines advanced laser technology, optics and x/y table mechanisms, resulting in high processing speeds and simple data handling. The improved performance and speed shortens development time allowing possible production of customized small batches on demand, making it an ideal component for RF and microwave PCBs up to 9” x 12” (229 x 305 mm) in size. The revolutionary tool-less laser processing method can be used to produce lines and spaces, as well as corner radii. The LPKF ProtoLaser S selectively ablates the conductive layer from the substrate. This cuts the insulation channels to precisely create the planned tracks and pad surfaces.