Anritsu Co. has placed a strong emphasis on the MTT-S IMS for more than two decades. Our product line, which includes benchtop, portable and handheld solutions for telecommunications, microwave, satellite and defense applications, makes the show an important venue for Anritsu. IMS provides a venue to meet with customers and key industry professionals to help grow our business, and develop new test and measurement solutions.

A key differentiator for IMS has always been the technical quality of the papers and presentations. We place great value in those, as it helps to attract a high caliber attendee and exhibitor. The presentations are also beneficial for us to attend and get a perspective on techniques and technologies that are shaping the microwave industry.

As a global company, the international audience that attends IMS is critical for us. The opportunity to meet with microwave professionals from all corners of the world allows us to support our other locations. With sales and service offices in 90 countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Japan, Anritsu is always looking for shows that address a global audience and IMS has proven to do that successfully over the years.

Unfortunately, the show has never drawn much international media, which is something we would like to see more of in the coming years. It would be beneficial to all exhibitors, as it would provide another means to reach the global market.

The military and government audience that attends is also important to Anritsu. We have supplied test and measurement solutions to the Department of Defense and other branches of the US government, and to the contractors supporting them for 40 years. Historically, we have had very constructive meetings and conversations with professionals serving the government at IMS. This year’s Atlanta location leads us to believe that that will continue.

Attendees who work with the government are especially important, as our Site Master cable and antenna analyzers have become popular replacements for large and cumbersome legacy spectrum analyzers, VNAs, and other cable and antenna testers used in flight line testing and maintenance. Anritsu is also the leader in conformance and performance test tools for Bluetooth® chip sets and modules for hands-free military base and combat applications. IMS provides us with the venue to showcase these solutions to military and government decision makers.

Our products are also of interest to many companies who exhibit at IMS. The show has always drawn manufacturers of components, receiver/transmitters, antennas and related equipment as exhibitors. Companies such as these are potential customers for us, as we can provide test solutions for design verification, production test, and field installation of their devices and systems.

IMS 2008 can also help us grow our business in the future. We will have new test solutions on display and the exhibit will provide us with the venue to show the benefits of these instruments to our target audience. It also provides us with the opportunity to meet with customers, distributors, and others so that we can successfully develop, market and sell our instruments in an ever-changing, highly competitive global market.