EADS Defence & Security (DS) will expand Korea Electric Power Corp.’s (KEPCO) TETRA network. KEPCO has awarded Nuri Telecom, EADS Secure Networks' Value Added Reseller for PMR solutions, the project to set up an advanced digital radio communication network in South Korea. The implementation of the turnkey project is an enhancement to an already operational trial network delivered by Nuri Telecom.

The new radio communications network is replacing the existing analogue system, and it will be used for controlling and monitoring KEPCO's power distribution and transformation network. Nuri Telecom is the main contractor of this turnkey project, and EADS Secure Networks, an integrated activity of EADS DS, will provide the complete solution, including the EADS TETRA system and radio terminals. The already operational trial network with its 13 TB3 base stations together with the 108 additional TB3 base stations will form a backbone network that covers the seven main regions of South Korea.

“The network will benefit from the most future-proof solutions,” said SongMan Cho, CEO, Nuri Telecom. “The data radio is based on the newest innovations, and the network itself will be built to take advantage of Fortecor® solutions for high speed data."

MyungJong Lee, manager, KEPCO, said, "KEPCO's energy supply service reaches everywhere in Korea. It's essential to build up a truly seamless radio communications network that will surely lead KEPCO to achieve the efficiency and reliability of the Power IT applications such as power distribution automation, auto meter reading, wind speed monitoring, and quick repair and maintenance mobile service."