Paratek Microwave Inc., a technology leader in RF components for wireless applications, is now shipping high-performance Adaptive Impedance Matching Module (AIMM™) evaluation kits that have been optimized for Military and Public Safety radio applications. Based on Paratek’s ParaScan™ tunable RF technology, AIMM is currently finding widespread application in commercial cellular handsets. The 7 x 21 mm AIMM unit dynamically adjusts its internal impedance matching circuit to minimize reflected power, thereby achieving a near-optimal match. The most common application for AIMM is correcting antenna and amplifier mismatch conditions that often occur with handheld radios and body-worn antennas. AIMM can handle in excess of 2 W with extremely low intermodulation distortion thanks to Paratek’s ParaTune™ family of Passive Tunable ICs (PTIC). This technology makes AIMM feasible by overcoming the power limitations of other tunable technologies such as varactor diodes and MEMS.

AIMM systems for handheld radios have yielded improvements in total radiated power in excess of 5 dB by correcting the antenna mismatch that occurs when a radio is in close proximity to the user’s head or torso. AIMM can also be applied in sensor networks where the sensor’s antenna can be detuned by proximity effects of the ground, foliage or debris.

While the primary application of AIMM is for antenna or power amplifier tuning, the product can be used for any application that requires forward power to be maximized and reverse power to be minimized.

AIMM is a self-contained multi-chip-module (MCM) comprising a tunable impedance network incorporating Paratek’s PTICs, an on-board microprocessor with custom control algorithms, forward and reverse power detectors, and a bias voltage generator. AIMM’s adaptation and sleep modes are controlled via an SPI interface. The evaluation kit consists of an AIMM mounted on a test fixture with SMA RF connectors as well as an external mechanical switch box that allows standalone operation of the module. While the modules have been optimized for constant amplitude modulation such as FM or BPSK, specialized software loads are available for other modulation types.

Paratek is now shipping AIMM kits operating over 280 to 300 MHz, 824 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 1980 MHz. Standard kits are priced at $3000 and ship approximately four weeks after receipt of order. Other bands within the frequency range of 200 MHz to 2.2 GHz are available for a nominal NRE charge.