Inphi Corp., a leader in analog performance and signal integrity, announced its ExacTik, DDR2 Register and PLL production-ready products are fully compliant with the most stringent industrial temperature standards. The parts, already JESD47 qualified and meeting or exceeding all JEDEC specifications, enable OEMs and module vendors to broaden their DDR support for a wider range of applications.

“The quality, dependability and high performance of Inphi’s ExacTik devices has created a significant demand for products and applications operating in extreme temperature environments,” said Gopal Raghavan, CTO of Inphi Corp. “Our extraordinary level of testing ensures all of our ExacTik parts will continue to deliver a new class of performance and reliability to designers across industries and applications.”

Today’s electronics are required to operate dependably in extremely severe environments, often in business and mission-critical applications. Inphi’s comprehensive line of industrial temperature DDR2 Registers and PLLs delivers outstanding performance and proven reliability for products operating outside the standard commercial temperature range (0° to +70°C). OEMs and module vendors can rely on Inphi’s DDR2 Register and PLL products for applications that require high reliability in demanding temperature ranges including automotive devices, mobile and wireless devices, cellular base stations, telematics systems, medical systems, military systems, industrial/commercial environments and outdoor data collection systems.

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