Test and Measurement Catalog

Agilent Technologies’ Interactive Test & Measurement Catalog 2008/09 is now available online. The new interactive catalog has enhanced features, including the ability to send an e-mail to a colleague that links to a specific page within the catalog. Users can bookmark pages for ease of future reference. The entire catalog can be saved to a desktop or CD, enabling off-line viewing/portability. Also, the online catalog permits users to make personal reference notes on individual pages.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
(650) 752-5000

RS No. 310

Accessories and Instruments Brochure

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s RF/Microwave Accessories & Instruments brochure highlights the company’s signal generators, system controllers, directional couplers, EMC Test software, test cells and a complete line of field monitoring equipment. Also included is the full line of accessories for AR’s conducted immunity test systems. Product photographs, descriptions and specifications are included for each model.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181

RS No. 311

RF and Microwave Connectors

Volume 6 of Delta Electronics Manufacturing’s full-line catalog contains over 200 pages of information on over 30 series of RF and microwave connectors, ranging in size from microminiature to large, high-power connectors. Along with common connector types, the catalog features many hard-to-find series, and a large selection of MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors and MIL-PRF-55339 qualified adapters.

Delta Electronics Manufacturing
Beverly, MA
(978) 927-1060

RS No. 312

Online Capacitor Resource

A new Evans Capacitor Co. web site shares technical information, white papers, specs and pricing for its energy-dense hybrid capacitors and hybrid capacitor banks. High performance aircraft, including the Joint Strike Fighter and Apache helicopter, use Evans hybrid capacitors for laser targeting, communications modules, controls, cockpit displays, phased-array radars, fire control systems and more. The company’s tantalum, hermetic, hybrid capacitors are over 4x the energy density of any military-style capacitor.

Evans Capacitor Co.
East Providence, RI
(401) 435-3555

RS No. 313

Designer’s Guide

Hittite Microwave Corp. released its 13th edition Designer’s Guide catalog for 2008. This publication includes 152 new digital, mixed-signal, RF, microwave and millimeter-wave product data sheets, as well as quality/reliability, application and packaging/layout information. Full specifications are provided for 633 products across 16 product lines including: amplifiers, attenuators, data converters, frequency dividers/detectors, frequency multipliers, high speed digital logic, mixers, demodulators/modulators, passives, phase shifters, power detectors, sensors, switches, synthesizers, VCOs/PLOs and VGAs.

Hittite Microwave Corp.
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343

RS No. 314

Online Catalog

Keithley Instruments Inc. announces the release of its 2008 Test and Measurement Product Guide. A short-form version of the guide is available online at www.nxtbook. com/nxtbooks/keithley/generalcatalog08/. This handy product guide offers details and specifications on Keithley’s general-purpose and sensitive sourcing and measurement products, DC switching, RF switching and measurement, data acquisition solutions, semiconductor test systems and optoelectronics test hardware. Tutorials simplify choosing solutions for specific applications.

Keithley Instruments Inc.
Cleveland, OH
(440) 248-0400

RS No. 315

SATCOM Amplifier Catalog

MITEQ’s AMF catalog line of SATCOM waveguide amplifiers offer the lowest noise figures available in an uncooled LNA in the various frequency bands associated with satellite communications. Achieving noise temperatures as low as 30 K for C- and S-band, 45 K for X-band, 60 K for Ku-band, and as low as 100 K for Ka-band, these amplifiers have been designed using state-of-the-art technology and can be used in either fixed or transportable applications.

Hauppauge, NY
(631) 436-7400

RS No. 316

Frequency Control Devices

Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co. Ltd. (NDK), the supplier of frequency control devices to the transportation industry, has developed a new four-page color brochure highlighting its frequency control products for these applications. The brochure reviews in-vehicle and telematic applications. NDK’s transportation components have proven to deliver excellent performance in the harshest of applications. Products covered in the brochure include crystals, TCXOs and XOs.

NDK America Inc.
Belvidere, IL
(815) 544-7900

RS No. 317

Cable Assemblies Brochure

A new Rosenberger tri-fold brochure features updates on the company’s popular RFlex cable assemblies (standard connector configurations with ruggedized molded strain reliefs) and SMA+ (SMA connectors modified to operate to 36 GHz) cable assemblies. Also included are new product line additions including SMA Quick-Lock, SMA Push-On and RTK-028 cable assemblies. The SMA Quick-Lock provides a unique locking mechanism to replace threaded SMA male connections. The SMA Push-On offers a faster slide on connection. Both work with any SMA female connector. RTK-028 is Rosenberger’s new triple shielded cable comparable to RG 316 DS but extremely flexible.

Rosenberger of North America LLC
Lancaster, PA
(717) 290-8000

RS No. 318

RF/Microwave Products

Tensolite’s Connectors, Cables and Assemblies catalog is a reliable resource for high performance interconnect products. Renowned for quality and service, the products in this catalog display the wide range available to choose from for next generation systems. Vertical integration and extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure that quality and on-time delivery are never compromised.

Tensolite Co.
St. Augustine, FL
(800) 458-9960

RS No. 319

Testing and Assessment Services

TÜVRheinland has released a Testing & Assessment Services catalog for manufacturers planning to launch their products across the globe. The catalog details the company’s testing services (e.g., EMC and Wi-Fi), product types (e.g., fuel cells and telecom), product approval schemes (e.g., Bluetooth and CB Scheme), service approval schemes (e.g., AS9100 and ISO 13485) and available certification marks (e.g., SEMI S2 and CE).

TÜVRheinland of North America Inc.
Newtown, CT
(203) 426-0888

RS No. 320

RF/Microwave Components

Based in Korea and founded in 1999, Wave-Tech designs, manufacturers and delivers state-of-the-art, innovative RF signal processing components and sub-systems covering the frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. Wave-Tech’s products include combiner, duplexer, BPF, BRF, coupler, splitter and filter-based assemblies for WiMAX, WiBro, GSM, DCS, PCS, CDMA, radar systems and wireless communications, and offer both custom and off-the shelf designs. Contact the company for a full-color brochure.

Wave-Tech Inc.
Kyunggi-do, Korea +82 31 451 8774

RS No. 321

Product Catalog

This catalog features the company’s RF and microwave products that operate in a frequency range from 30 kHz to 65 GHz. Products include GaAs FET microwave amplifiers and subassemblies, radial power combiners/dividers, space qualified components and environmental testing services. All of the company’s operations are located within a single modern and fully equipped 42,000 square foot facility.

Ciao Wireless Inc.
Camarillo, CA
(805) 389-3224

RS No. 322

RF Products Catalog

The E-store is an online guide to the company’s most popular RF products. Product categories include fixed attenuators, terminations, manual variable attenuators, RF coaxial switches, power dividers/combiners and impedance matching. Users can search for products by keyword, name, or by browsing the illustrated, hyperlinked web pages.

JFW Industries Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 887-1340

RS No. 323

Filter Selection Guide

This product selection guide highlights the company’s wide range of filter products, including its new switch filter systems. An eight-page short form catalog features a user friendly, quick reference to filter specifications and capabilities that guides users to the filter ideally suited for the application. For specifications and performance simulations, users are directed to a filter design tool located on Lark’s web site.

Lark Engineering
San Juan Capistrano, CA
(949) 240-1233

RS No. 324

Components Catalog

This 146-page catalog features the company’s entire line of precision coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits, microwave components and adapters, manual tuners, torque wrenches and connector gage kits. Entries feature detailed specifications, dimensional drawings, photographs, flange diagrams, ordering information and key reference materials. The catalog provides everything engineers need to find the best components for their applications. An interactive version of the catalog is available at the company’s web site.

Maury Microwave Corp.
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-4715

RS No. 325

Signal Processing Components

This 144-page catalog offers comprehensive listings of RF, IF and microwave components with essential performance specifications for each product. In addition to the extensive component data, the catalog also provides a listing of Mini-Circuits’ patents and the product model numbers to which they apply, as well as a complete listing of the National Stock Number (NSN) Guide for Mini-Circuits’ considerable component collection.

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500

RS No. 326

Semi-rigid Cable Products

This new data sheet features the company’s Maximizer line of high performance semi-rigid cable products, available as custom assemblies, straight lengths or coils. Options include phase stable, low loss Maximizer Gold products and low loss, RG replacement Maximizer Silver products. The data sheet includes mechanical and electrical product specifications; IL, phase vs. temperature and power handling graphs; and design considerations.

Teledyne Storm Products
Woodridge, IL
(630) 754-3361

RS No. 327