WiMAX Telecom has selected Alcatel-Lucent to supply the first WiMAX 802.16e-2005 (Rev-e) network in Croatia. The deployment will start in the area of Split and Osijek followed by other regions, and will operate in the company’s 3.5 GHz spectrum. Under the terms of the agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will supply its end-to-end WiMAX solution including almost 400 base stations, wireless access controllers, operation and maintenance center (OMC) as well as customer premise equipment (CPE).

The company’s WiMAX solution integrates the latest technological innovations, such as beam forming and MIMO, and supports a wide range of terminals from various CPE partners, which is part of the company’s Open CPE Program. This program is designed to promote an open device ecosystem and ensure customers have the widest possible range of interoperable end-user devices.

“With their proven technical capabilities and strong market position, Alcatel-Lucent is the perfect partner for us as we roll-out one of the world’s most advanced ‘triple-play’ WiMAX networks in Croatia,” said Peter Ziegelwanger, chief technology officer of WiMAX Telecom. “In particular, the Open CPE strategy will allow us to choose from a wide selection of innovative end-user devices that can support an exciting range of cutting-edge wireless applications.”

Frederic Rose, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s Europe, Asia and Africa activities, replied, “It is exciting to see that our cooperation with WiMAX Telecom – having started with the initial deployment of a WiMAX network in 2005 – now leads to this next big project in Croatia. We are looking forward to entering new markets with this true pioneer in wireless broadband access.”