Ansoft Corp. has released new versions of Nexxim®, the company's high-capacity circuit simulation software, and Ansoft Designer®, its integrated schematic and design management software. The products include new statistical analysis and transient simulation capabilities that allow engineers to rapidly simulate high-speed serial channel behavior. This eliminates prototype iterations that require expensive test equipment and multiple spins that delay time-to-market.

Modern electronic products use gigabit-speed serial links to move large quantities of digital data across today's telecommunication, high-definition video, gaming and data storage systems. Ansoft's electromagnetic modeling and advanced circuit simulation are essential for designing these data links. Serial link standards, such as PCI Express, Serial ATA, Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI have very stringent accuracy requirements, allowing only one bit in billions to be in error. Previous methods for simulating link performance required long simulation times to capture these low bit error rates (BERs). The new technologies give engineers methods to rapidly predict system-level performance with eye diagram plots and BER curves.

Nexxim v4 features VerifEye™, a new methodology for eye analysis of serial links using statistical methods that maintain accuracy while offering major reductions in run time compared to conventional transient methods. These statistical transient analysis tools represent the most practicable means to test for the low bit error rates needed by today's multi-Gb/s channel designers.

Nexxim v4 also features QuickEye™, a new Ansoft-only fast eye diagram analysis method that allows input of very long, user-defined bit streams. This analysis allows engineers to identify specific bit sequences that cause bit errors.

Additionally, Nexxim v4 features new mixed system-level behavioral simulation with transistor-level transient simulation. This hybrid integration enables designers to simulate a complete system consisting of various levels of abstraction much more quickly than in simulators that operate at only the transistor level.

Ansoft Designer v4 features a new "push excitation" feature and enhanced dynamic links to Nexxim and to Ansoft's leading electromagnetic field simulation tools HFSS™, SIwave™ and Q3D Extractor®. These products combine to allow engineers to accurately predict signal integrity effects and EMI/EMC performance of advanced electronic systems, including gigabit communication channels, multi-function high-speed wireless systems and sophisticated microwave systems.