The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) are to create a joint Microsystems and Nanotechnology (MNT) Network to share knowledge and promote the understanding and application of nanotechnology. The Network will develop both virtual activities and live events, and will draw on the strengths and skills of both organisations and their members. A joint IET/IoN Executive Team consisting of experts in the field from both industry and academia has been established that will outline the scope of the MNT Network, set its objectives and develop the programme for the future.

The IET, which currently operates a Microsystems and Nanotechnology Network, is looking to revitalise its activities in the nanotechnology space. Similarly, the IoN firmly believes that by uniting the extensive network of members of both bodies, a substantial community of interest will be created, accelerating the progress of nano and micro technologies to the benefit of the UK.

Robin McGill, chief executive of the IET, commented: “This is an exciting joint initiative in a fast growing and very important area of technology. This is the latest of a series of collaborations designed to broaden the technological footprint of the IET.”

Ottilia Saxl, chief executive officer of the IoN, said: “By bringing together the members of the IET and IoN that share a common interest in nano and micro technologies, we will create a group of highly qualified individuals who will not only learn about leading-edge developments in this fast growing field, but will also contribute to them.”