Elektrobit (EB) and NextWave Wireless Inc. are collaborating to bring one of the first commercial mobile WiMAX handset reference designs to the global market for wide-scale deployment. Together, the partners will provide wireless device manufacturers the opportunity to bring mobile WiMAX products to market faster and with lower development costs.

Core to this cooperation are innovations such as cutting-edge 4G wireless silicon from NextWave, and compact handset form factor and unique reference design integration expertise from EB. This synergy enables rich capabilities, including carrier-grade VoIP and high-speed multimedia services on a consumer-friendly device.

The handset reference design has been developed to provide customers with an ultra-low-power, integrated mobile WiMAX solution for improved performance, reduced power consumption, advanced multimedia application usage, and seamless operation and roaming across major global WiMAX spectrum allocations, including 2.3 to 2.7 GHz and 3.4 to 3.8 GHz, and their local variations such as the Wireless Communications Service (WCS) and Educational Broadband Service/Broadband Radio Service (EBS/BRS) bands in the US.

As the main platform integrator, EB’s role includes platform specification, hardware development, form factor mechanical design, antennae specification, software configuration and integration of third party components. The company will also call on its end-to-end expertise in mobile WiMAX, from network elements to handsets and air-interface testing.