More than 3,000 visitors and 50 WiMAX Forum® member companies are expected to converge on Taiwan to participate in the WiMAX Forum Taipei Showcase (22 and 23 October) and WiMAX Forum conference, which runs from 22 to 26 October, to witness the demonstration of live Mobile WiMAX™ products and services. Key announcements include the opening of the industry’s first WiMAX Forum-endorsed application lab and the results of the fourth public Mobile WiMAX PlugFest.

The M-Taiwan WiMAX Application Lab located in Hsinchu is designed to be an open environment where innovators from around the globe can develop and test new WiMAX applications. The lab opened its doors to equipment and application developers on 22 October, offering them the chance to test their products and services for performance on a live WiMAX system and conduct and measure consumer acceptance before bringing them to market.

Ron Resnick, president of the WiMAX Forum, commented, "As our members come together this week in Taipei to showcase products and announce plans to deliver Mobile WiMAX services in 2008, we are reminded that the WiMAX industry is addressing a new standard in a way no other industry or association has in the past. We are approaching WiMAX technology much the same way that the innovators of the Internet built the World Wide Web, offering a truly open infrastructure where no single operator or service provider dominates the technology. With five certification labs to open worldwide by the end of the year to certify a broad mix of WiMAX products, I am pleased to announce an application lab in place and another successful mobile PlugFest under our belt. It is clearly a pivotal point for the WiMAX market to gain momentum toward WiMAX Forum mobile certification and commercial availability of products in early 2008."