NEXX Systems, Surface Technology Systems (STS) and SUSS MicroTec will collaborate with Fraunhofer IZM to demonstrate integrated process solutions for 3D wafer level packaging.

The first initiative will be a series of seminars that are scheduled from 26 October to 7 November. The seminars will be held in Singapore, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, and are targeted at packaging industry professionals involved in 3D packaging applications.

The seminars will cover optimization of integrated process solutions from the point of view of performance and cost. Leading-edge total process solutions for 3D wafer level packaging will be demonstrated by combining the expertise of STS in deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) for via fabrication, NEXX Systems in PVD and Electrodeposition for lining and filling of vias, and SUSS MicroTec in wafer bonding and photolithography.

Fraunhofer IZM will complement these strengths with its extensive expertise in 3D wafer level packaging, acting as both a consultant and active participant in the integration of process solutions. More detailed information on the seminar series is available at