Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Ltd., Newton Aycliffe, UK, announces the release of a new family of broadband MMIC amplifiers - the FMA3007, FMA3008, FMA3009 and FMA3058.

Filtronic’s broadband MMIC products are high performance 2 to 20 GHz Gallium Arsenide monolithic traveling wave amplifiers suitable for use in broadband communications, instrumentation and EW applications. The die is fabricated using high reliability GaAs PHEMT technology.

The company's newest broadband MMICs have been designed with an upward gain slope for highest gain at highest frequencies. The FMA3007 features dual gate controls for high gain control range. The FMA3008 features AGC control with gate bias for optimum gain control, and the FMA3009 is self-biased with only one rail required allowing for a simpler cost-effective power supply. The FMA3058 is the company's broadband LNA featuring 3 dB noise figure at 10 GHz.

These products and designs are specifically tailored to provide the most cost-effective solution combining highest gain at maximum frequencies, gain control for designs with large input variations and low noise. Typical applications include: test instrumentation, electronic warfare and broadband communication infrastructure.