HUBER+SUHNER launches the new QMA attenuator series. It offers attenuation values with 3, 6 and 10 dB (other values are available on request), 2 W attenuation and is applicable for frequencies up to 18 GHz.

The QMA coaxial connectors from HUBER+SUHNER are designed to replace SMA connectors. Suitable applications include radio base stations and other radio equipment, especially where high density connector population is required. The QMA interface features a snap-lock mechanism that makes it fast and easy to mate and de-mate, yet requiring a very low mating force. The interface retention force is 60 N.

The snap-on mating mechanism of QMA connectors makes it up to 10 times faster to mate and de-mate than conventional SMA connectors. This results in a reduction of the user’s total operating costs without loss of quality or functionality. The replacement of the threaded coupling mechanism by the snap-lock mechanism increases the packing density, as no connectors torque wrench clearance is required.

The new QMA attenuators are now available ex stock.

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of products in the QLF standard. QLF® (Quick Lock Formula) is the registered trademark for a system that guarantees perfect intermateability of QMA and QN connectors even if they are supplied by different manufacturers. Only products with the QLF label ensure this intermateability.