Jacket Micro Devices Inc. (JMD), a worldwide supplier of integrated RF modules for high performance wireless products, has selected Singapore-based MicroCircuit Technology (S) Pte. Ltd. (MCT) for large-scale fabrication of substrates and other products using JMD’s proprietary Multi-layer Organic (MLO) technology.

MLO technologies use thin low loss organic materials in a system-on-package (SoP) approach to RF modules. This enables the production of substrates for RF front-end modules with higher component aerial density compared to traditional solutions using ceramics.

Jim Stratigos, president and CEO of JMD, explained: “MCT’s ability to implement the MLO process has been instrumental in enabling JMD’s family of small, highly integrated RF front-end modules for next-generation WLAN and WiMAX applications. We have been working with MCT for the past year to implement MLO production on a commercial scale and believe they offer the manufacturing flexibility and quick implementation our customers need.”

Roslan Affandi, senior vice president of the Substrates and System Packaging Division of AEM Holdings Ltd., MCT’s parent company, said: “We are pleased to have been chosen by JMD to manufacture advanced substrates for products based on MLO technology. The potential market for this patented technology is considerable as device makers strive to compress more functionality into smaller spaces. We believe RF modules using MLO-technology substrates will give wireless device makers a distinct competitive edge, and we are happy to play a part in the early stages of its mass implementation.”