Acceleration Products

This web site has been redesigned for those interested in bringing the power of a supercomputer to their desktop. The company’s Accelerator™ and ClusterInABox™ products harness the parallel processing power of GPUs, delivering unrivalled performance to accelerate electromagnetic simulations up to 35¥ faster. New additions to the site include: up-to-date product specification pages, case studies, articles, webinars and event listings.
Acceleware Corp.,
1600 – 37th Street SW,
Calgary, AB, Canada T3C 3P1

Semiconductor Solutions

This web site highlights the company’s semiconductor solutions in the rapidly growing broadband wireless and wireline communications markets. The site was designed to improve performance for its on-line visitors while still delivering valuable information. In addition to the updated contemporary look, a big improvement to the site includes easy-to-navigate selections enabling users to quickly find product information for wireless, cable and broadcast, WLAN and WiMAX, and fiber optic applications.
141 Mount Bethel Road,
Warren, NJ 07059

EDA Software Tools

This web site highlights new features of the LINC2 RF and microwave circuit design software suite. The LINC2 software package offers high performance RF and microwave circuit design, synthesis, simulation and optimization in a single integrated design environment at an affordable price. LINC2 automates the design of low noise amplifiers, single and multi-stage amplifiers, balanced amplifiers and push-pull amplifiers. LINC2 Filter Pro synthesizes lumped and distributed filters in balanced and single-ended configurations.
Applied Computational Sciences (ACS),
1061 Dragt Place, Escondido, CA 92029

Mission-critical Solutions

This enhanced and redesigned site features improved navigation, superior search features and a market-driven design. The new site includes a Virtual Factory Tour as well as on-line engineering tools to “Build Your Own” system. “We listened to our customers and stakeholders and redesigned the site with their needs in mind,” said Michael Kujawa, VP of sales and marketing for TRAK Microwave.
TRAK Microwave Corp.,
4726 Eisenhower Boulevard,
Tampa, FL 33634

Tunable Filters and Diplexers

The Coleman Microwave Co. (CMC) site features custom microwave filters in the frequency range of 400 MHz to 40 GHz. Specializing in cavity resonator designs, filters are offered in both coaxial and waveguide modes of operation. Low pass, high pass, bandpass and band reject filters are available and can be configured as single channel, multichannel and diplexers. In addition to fixed tuned versions, CMC specializes in tunable filters and diplexers.
Coleman Microwave Co.,
PO Box 247, Edinburg, VA 22824

RF and Microwave Products

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Microwave Systems Solutions (Signal Technology) provides RF and microwave products for the defense, space and communications industries for use in electronic countermeasures, missiles, radar, intelligence and guidance systems. The company specializes in mission critical-harsh environment products for airborne, shipborne, land-based, space and missile applications.
Crane Aerospace & Electronics,
PO Box 97005,
Redmond, WA 98073-9705

VCOs and PLL Synthesizers

Visit Crystek’s site for innovative frequency control technology. Crystek Microwave offers VCOs and PLL synthesizers in a wide mix of frequency ranges, standard packaging and custom design options. Product highlights include low phase noise, microstrip and coaxial designs, and octave tuning. Since 1958, Crystek has been the industry leader in engineering, manufacturing, support and service.
Crystek Microwave,
12730 Commonwealth Drive,
Fort Myers, FL 33913

3D Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software

This recently updated web site features the company’s 3D electromagnetic (EM) field simulation software for high frequency applications. New additions to the site include: Web-based videos demonstrating the state-of-the-art 3D EM simulator CST MICROWAVE STUDIO,® applications articles, user forum, technical support area and downloads.
CST of America® Inc.,
10 Laurel Avenue, Suite 300,
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

Amplifiers and Subassemblies

CTT’s new web site features an easy-to-use navigation covering the company’s complete line of solid-state power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, frequency converters, frequency multipliers, transmitters, transceivers and receivers within the frequency spectrum of 400 MHz to 100 GHz. A page also discusses CTT’s CEOs (Custom Engineered Options) that are available on most package formats.

CTT Inc.,
241 East Java Drive,
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Control Products and Amplifiers

This web site features the company’s advanced IF/RF and microwave control products and amplifiers for the defense electronics, aerospace, commercial aircraft, wireless and other high-end commercial industries. From commercial space to advanced wireless applications, the company’s custom high reliability products are integral to the complex operations of major satellite, radar, navigation, communications, electronic warfare and missile systems applications.
Daico Industries Inc.,
1070 E. 233rd Street, Carson, CA 90745

ICs, Modules and Subsystems

This comprehensive, versatile web site has recently added new product pull-down menus and RoHS-compliant component pages. The web site details full specifications for over 480 products, application notes, quality assurance and product support tools, including Product Cross Reference, Parametric Search, PLL Phase Noise and Mixer Spur Chart Calculators, and expanded e-commerce. The company’s new Designer’s Guide, product selection guide, newsletter and CD can also be requested from the site.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,
20 Alpha Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824

Electronic Components

The new web site features detailed information on the company’s products, including test data, S-parameters and RoHS/WEEE compliance information. Additionally, new interactive features such as an on-line RFQ form, on-line sample request form and easy rep locator make this site a powerful resource for the design engineer. IMS offers resistors to 1Tohm and 350 W input power, attenuators to 70 dB, low loss dividers to 20 GHz, and low loss, wide rejection filters with passbands from 800 MHz to 8 GHz.
International Manufacturing Services,
50 Schoolhouse Lane,
Portsmouth, RI 02871

Systems and Subsystems

Versatile Power specializes in the design and manufacture of customized power delivery systems, control systems and subsystems. The company’s web site will introduce visitors to the company’s products, services and ISO 9001-2000 quality. Combining its core competence in power conversion with advanced digital control, Versatile Power provides custom solutions for RF and microwave applications, including telecommunications, aerospace, military, homeland security, test and measurement, and medical.
Versatile Power,
2605 South Winchester Boulevard, Campbell, CA 95008

Filter Synthesis and Selection Tool

K&L Microwave’s web site features the Filter WizardSM software. It simplifies the selection of the right filter product from a vast number of designs within the 300 kHz to 40 GHz frequency range. Enter your specifications, and Filter Wizard returns response data, downloadable S-parameter data and outline drawings for matching products. For more information, visit
K&L Microwave,
2250 Northwood Drive,
Salisbury, MD 21801

High Power Amplifiers

Xicom Technology is a supplier of antenna-mount and rack-mount high power amplifiers for SATCOM. The company’s web site has been expanded to provide complete data sheets with specifications for TWTAs, SSPA, BUCs and KPAs for applications including land, sea, air and SNG. For the demands of SATCOM On-the-Move and SATCOM On-the-Pause, Xicom has introduced the new “Shoebox” family of antenna-mount BUCs for mobile operations in C-, X-, Ku- and extended Ku-bands.
Xicom Technology Inc.,
3550 Bassett Street,
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Advanced Composite Structures

Ratech is a diversified manufacturer of durable, lightweight, advanced composite structures. CAD/CAM capabilities support the manufacturing of both large and small advanced composite products for applications, such as radomes, antennas, simulation domes and screens. The site offers a comprehensive view of the company’s capabilities. A photo library of installations around the world from Anartica to Guam to Chile is available that illustrates the wide variety of climatic conditions that Ratech can design radomes for.
MFG Ratech,
855 East Greg Street, Suite 103,
Sparks, NV 89431

Microwave Components

MICA’s web site features a wide range of products including ferrite products, detector & limiter products, mixer & doubler products, and equalizer products. A page is also devoted to in-stock ferrite products for design engineers looking for fast delivery of some of MICA’s standard product offerings. MICA Microwave’s advanced capabilities are the result of integrating technological expertise with its unique problem solving techniques to produce the most advanced microwave products available.
MICA Microwave,
1096 Mellon Avenue,
Manteca, CA 95337

Microwave Test Cable Assemblies

Micro-Coax’s web site allows engineers to easily and quickly order flexible microwave test cable assemblies. With its Web Store, Micro-Coax offers a cost-effective alternative that helps engineers who need high frequency cable assemblies for their defense, telecommunications and test instrument designs. The site also features a product selector for one of the largest families of semi-rigid and flexible coaxial products.

206 Jones Boulevard,
Pottstown, PA 19464-3465

Free Tools for Design Engineers

This web site features even more resources designed to Accelerate Your Design Success. Available for immediate download, Modelithics Select is a sample of accurate, reliable and scalable models that work with a variety of simulators. Having recognized the value of high quality models in the design process, several component manufacturers are also sponsoring complimentary licenses for high accuracy substrate-scalable models for designer use.
Modelithics Inc.,
3650 Spectrum Boulevard, Suite 170, Tampa, FL 33612

Filters, Diplexers and Subassemblies

Reactel Inc. has enhanced its web site with a library of data sheets. Accessing information for the company’s wireless and custom products has never been easier, and is now just a click away. Additionally, the site includes RoHS-compliant offerings and features Reactel’s full-line of RF/microwave filters, diplexers and subassemblies. Reactel’s product catalog is also available for download in support of its worldwide customer base.

Reactel Inc.,
8031 Cessna Avenue,
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Microwave Sources

Spinnaker introduces an all-new web site showcasing the company’s expanded capabilities in high performance microwave sources for commercial, military and instrumentation applications. The site provides detailed information on Spinnaker’s sources, including VCOs, PLOs, frequency synthesizers, DTOs and custom microwave assemblies. Additional features include application notes, design aids, phase noise tutorials, technical papers, employment opportunities and ordering information.
Spinnaker Microwave,
3281 Kifer Road, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Microwave Equipment

Tampa Microwave is an established supplier of block up and down converters, loop test translators, custom rack-mounted RF assemblies and contract manufacturing for military and commercial SATCOM markets. The company recently acquired the spectrum analyzer, carrier monitoring and Signal Intelligence Receiver (SIGINT) assets of Morrow Technologies Corp. Having recently acquired these assets, visitors can now experience a live demonstration of the Carrier Monitoring products.
Tampa Microwave,
12160 Race Track Road,
Tampa, FL 33626

Custom Antenna Systems

TECOM Industries, an ISO-9001 and AS-9100 company, specializes in solving unique antenna problems through custom designs, modifying standard products to meet special requirements and providing build-to-print capabilities for sophisticated antenna systems. TECOM produces complex antennas and antenna systems, developing a comprehensive array of proven products and engineering expertise. The antenna selection guide ( allows visitors to view available products by frequency range.
TECOM Industries Inc.,
375 Conejo Ridge Avenue,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

On-line Product Data Sheet

Teledyne Relays announced that improvements to its Series GRF300 and GRF303 high repeatability, broadband TO-5 electromechanical relays now deliver 10 Gbps data rates for digital signal integrity applications. The relays are designed to provide a practical surface-mount solution with improved RF signal repeatability over the frequency range. Improved ground connections provide the 10 Gbps data rates.
Teledyne Relays,
12525 Daphne Avenue,
Hawthorne, CA 90250-3384

New Product Slideshow

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation’s home page now features a new product slideshow that features the latest AR products. Currently highlighted is information on its “Subampability” Concept, FM7004 free software upgrade, signal generator offerings and its 4 to 8 GHz amplifier series.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
160 School House Road,
Souderton, PA 18964

RF Front-end Modules

JMD’s new web site showcases its best-in-class performance, highly integrated RF front-end modules. JMD leverages its proprietary multi-layer organic (MLO) substrate technology to integrate filters, baluns, couplers and matching networks. The web site exhibits the technology, the performance of the modules and the advantages versus standard approaches.
Jacket Micro Devices (JMD),
75 5th Street, Suite #700,
Atlanta, GA 30308

RF and Microwave Filters

This web site features the company’s RF and microwave filters. The company offers an extensive product mix with filters and multiplexers satisfying requirements from 100 kHz to 18 GHz. These products are currently being utilized in major digital and analog wireless communications systems, test equipment and military systems.

Lark Engineering Co.,
27282 Calle Arroyo,
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675