Diamond Microwave Devices (DMD), a subsidiary of Element Six Ltd. (E6), has signed a contract with INEX to provide the processing technology for its electronic component development program.

DMD is working on the next generation of high power, high temperature semiconductor devices for microwave power electronics.

Based within the University of Newcastle, INEX is one of the UK’s leading research and commercialization centers for microsystems and nanotechnologies.

The agreement marks the next important step in the development of electronic devices fabricated in single crystal diamond synthesized using chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

In December 2006, E6 signed a collaboration agreement with Filtronic to work with DMD on diamond-based microwave devices.

The two companies are combining their strengths in materials, semiconductor devices and circuit design to create novel diamond devices that could transform microwave power electronics. INEX will work closely with DMD, E6 and Filtronic to develop new processing techniques and to fabricate prototype devices based on the E6 proprietary diamond material and a device design as provided by Filtronic.

The goal is to exploit the exceptional properties of CVD diamond as an advanced engineering material. Initially, the aim is to demonstrate a practical MESFET using CVD diamond grown by E6, and providing useful power at microwave frequencies.