Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. announced the next generation of its world-class UltraCMOS™products at the MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The new 0.5 μm PE42693 SP9T RF antenna switch is the highest throw-count RF CMOS antenna switch available on the market today. To support more highly integrated and even smaller WCDMA solutions, Peregrine also announced that it has qualified its 0.25 μm UltraCMOS technology for three new SP9T switches: the wirebond PE42691 and the flip-chip PE42692 and PE42694 devices.

"Peregrine has responded to customer demands for higher-throw, monolithic CMOS switches that enable efficient RF front-end solutions," said Rodd Novak, vice president of marketing for Peregrine Semiconductor. "The latest multi-band handset designs require a single, high-throw switch with unprecedented linearity and small signal performance, and a minimal footprint. These new switches are changing the way designers architect their modules," he added.

A key size benefit of the UltraCMOS SP9T is that it does not require off-chip decoder and driver components. This results in as much as a 50 percent smaller footprint with the 0.5μm PE42693 when compared with a similar GaAs SP9T. Manufactured in 0.25 μm, the PE42691, PE42692 and PE42694 SP9Ts will save yet another 30 percent.