TriQuint Semiconductor announced the release of two new satellite communications (SATCOM) high power amplifiers (HPA) that lead the industry in performance and overall size reduction.

The new die-level products, TGA4916 and TGA4906, are the latest example of TriQuint’s leadership in the evolution of ground terminal sat-com RF amplifiers.

The new products made their debut at the 2007 IEEE MTT-S IMS in Honolulu, HI. TriQuint’s two new products address OEM needs for smaller, more highly integrated designs and will be offered as packaged devices later this year. TriQuint’s new TGA4916 leads the industry with its compact, single-chip architecture. The TGA4916 is a Ka-band, fully monolithic 7 W HPA ideally suited for VSAT ground terminal applications. Also introduced is the TGA4906, a ‘half-chip’ version of the TGA4916.


• 29 to 31 GHz band

• 38.5 dBm (7 W) saturated output power

• PAE at Psat > 18 percent at 30 GHz

• 21 dB small-signal gain

• Input/output return losses (typical) >12 dB


• Half-chip version of TGA4916

• 28 to 31 GHz band

• 36 dBm (4 W) saturated output power

• PAE at Psat > 20 percent at 30 GHz

• 24 dB small-signal gain