Mimix Broadband Inc. introduces a gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) transmitter that delivers +25 dBm OIP3, 35 dB gain control and 9 dB conversion gain. Using 0.15 micron gate length GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT) device model technology, the transmitter covers the 18 to 36 GHz frequency bands and includes a balanced resistive mixer followed by a distributed amplifier, an LO doubler and an LO buffer amplifier.

Identified as XU1009-BD, this device is well suited for point-to-point radio, LMDS, SATCOM or VSAT applications. "This device integrates a number of functional elements into a single MMIC, offering the customer broadband performance with a high level of functionality," said Paul Beasly, product manager, Mimix Broadband Inc. "The integrated RF buffer amplifier can also be biased down to provide gain regulation, reducing the requirements for attenuation later in the gain and power stages of the transceiver."

Mimix performs 100 percent on-wafer RF and DC testing on the XU1009-BD, as well as 100 percent visual inspection to MIL-STD-883 method 2010. The chip also has surface passivation to protect and provide rugged parts with backside via holes and gold metallization to allow either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die attach process.