e2v technologies has supported the MTT-S IMS for the last 15 years or so. As it is by far the largest international gathering of those devoted to the microwave industry it is important for companies with a comprehensive presence in microwave products like us to be there and to take an active part in engaging with customers, other manufacturers and the worldwide academic microwave community.

Our participation is really a given as the MTT-S IMS is an international event which takes place in the country with the largest market for microwave technology. With 30 percent of our sales in the US and the prospect of significant further growth in the North American continent, IMS provides a superb annual platform to help us achieve progress towards our goals.

MTT-S IMS attracts a very wide spectrum of microwave people, some who have now retired but maintain a keen and active interest in the industry, and at the other end of the scale, students and young employees who need to rapidly learn and make their own contacts in the microwave community.

The standard of presentation of regular papers, workshops and short courses has benefited enormously with the use of new technology. Long gone are the days of hand drawn acetates and overhead projectors. Now we see the use of some clever techniques in power point and well presented videos, showing results or device operation dynamically and all to great effect. All of this ensures a stimulated and questioning audience.

Such advances need to continue. In the future the event must ensure that it is highly accessible to the next generation of people set to make their careers in the industry as well as the growing number of users who, 30 years ago, tended to operate largely in the defence arena but are now branching out into other sectors. Particlarly significant are the automotive, communications and commercial sectors.

We are supporting MTT-S IMS 2007 in Honolulu with employees performing booth duty representing our three UK manufacturing sites as well as e2v Inc., which is based in Elmsford NY. The booth features both tube and solid-state products that are used in the defence, industrial, automotive and medical markets. Join us in Booth 751 and discover what we have to say and offer.

As for the future and MTT-S IMS 2008, it is clear that the industry needs to focus on driving cost out of components used in radar sensors. At e2v we are concentrating on service and technology advances together with cost control. The 2008 event will no doubt address these issues further.