Avago Technologies announced a new quintplexer module delivering superior global positioning system (GPS) performance levels. The company is a supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications. Avago’s highly integrated and compact ACFM-7102 quintplexer delivers a significant improvement in insertion loss while delivering high GPS to cell band, and GPS to PCS band isolation. With a unique, switchless design to optimize performance, the FBAR-based ACFM-7102 provides designers with flexibility and simplicity when creating ultra-small, high performance mobile phones that deliver simultaneous GPS functionality.

Avago also surpasses a significant milestone for its award-winning film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) product line. The company has shipped more that 500 million FBAR-based filters. “We’re very pleased to report that shipments of our FBAR products have nearly doubled in the past 18 months,” said Philip Gadd, senior director of marketing for Avago Technologies’ wireless semiconductor division. “FBAR clearly delivers the performance and flexibility that is ideal for next-generation handset phones. The introduction of the FBAR-based ACFM-7102 module continues with our focus on dramatically expanding this successful quintplexer platform to meet the needs of our customers.”

A 1.9 dB insertion loss in its GPS filter path gives the ACFM-7102 superior performance levels for concurrent GPS operation. The ACFM-7102 also delivers excellent GPS to cell transmitter and GPS to PCS transmitter isolation enabling single antenna simultaneous GPS operation and delivering excellent GPS sensitivity. By fully integrating the GPS filter with cell and PCS duplexer into one small module, the ACFM-7102 enables the development of single antenna dual-band, simultaneous GPS handsets that are thinner, with longer overall battery life and improved performance. Avago’s ACFM-7102 is also ideal for small PC cards, PDAs and other dual-band wireless devices.

Utilizing Avago’s FBAR filter process and innovative Microcap bonded-wafer chip scale packaging technology, the ACFM-7102 is available in a small 5 mm by 8 mm by 1.2 mm thick module. Avago’s quintplexer module operates in -30° to +85°C and is compatible with CDMA and WCDMA third generation (3G) technology that supports voice, data, images and video communications at speeds up to 2Mb/s.

Avago’s ACFM-7102 is currently in limited release. Pricing starts at under $4.00 in small quantities. General availability is scheduled for Q3’07.