2007’s International Microwave Symposium’s (IMS) network friendly atmosphere provides Murata Electronics North America one of the biggest and best forums to showcase our new products and design solutions.

IMS’ creative environment gives attendees and exhibitors, like Murata’s RF and Microwave group, the ability to share market successes and challenges as well as the benefit of discussing advanced component technology.

Sophisticated product design is just one of the elements Murata is looking forward to demonstrating at IMS. In particular, our ability to develop miniaturized components while maintaining performance normally found in larger products.

This challenge is met by quality electronics such as switches, couplers, isolators, filters and baluns, which can now be incorporated into submodules and full modules--the building blocks of wireless portable devices.

IMS also presents Murata the opportunity to emphasize our broad product line-up that provides solutions for each step of the portable handheld device food chain. From ultra-small discrete components for modules to highly integrated modules using one of several integration technology choices, Murata offers a one-stop-shop.

Finally, as wireless systems need to co-exist and complexity grows, Murata is excited to demonstrate how high performance components such as duplexers and platform antennas can simplify block diagrams and reduce design cycle times.

IMS allows Murata to come together with our customers and suppliers to tackle the dynamic challenges facing the wireless portable devices market. We are excited to tell you about our new products for 2007 and beyond and we look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. Come visit us in booth 1201 and meet MURATA BOY, the bicycle riding robot, as he makes his debut in the US.