NATO has announced that it is procuring five RAT 31DL long range 3D air defence radars for use in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

A product of the Anglo-Italian Alenia Marconi Systems joint venture, RAT 31DL is a NATO Class 1 transportable air defence radar that operates in the D-band (1 to 2 GHz).

It makes use of a solid-state antenna distributed transmitter and four transmission beams that are each configured for monopulse height finding throughout the system's detection envelope.

RAT 31DL is further billed as providing low pulse repetition frequency (PRF) long range detection and high PRF medium range detection/moving target indicator operating modes.

System performance figures include a range of up to 440 km, 360° coverage in azimuth and the ability to detect targets at altitudes of up to 30,480 m.