Aeroflex has been awarded a five-year contract from Thales for the fulfillment of its second Measurement Equipment Management Service (MEMSII) program in the UK, having previously been responsible for the initial MEMSI service contract.

The objective of MEMSII is to provide Thales with the most cost efficient way of providing fully calibrated and maintained test equipment to the exact requirements and specifications of its engineers precisely when they need it.

In winning the new contract, Aeroflex has collaborated closely with both Thales and the French company, Trescal, which has been awarded the same contract for France, to develop a standardized set of processes and systems for its implementation.

The MEMSII service has already been fully implemented in the UK and is now being extended to all of the company’s divisions in France.

The standardized MEMSII service is based on a significant reduction in the global cost of ownership for Thales, through the ‘pooling’ of more than 70,000 test and measurement instruments. Between them, Aeroflex and Trescal provide the logistics service and a set of unified processes that ensure the management, calibration, repair and supply of equipment from the pool is handled effectively.

Terry Padley, the MEMSII program manager at Thales, stated, “Aeroflex, in conjunction with Trescal, has come up with an extremely innovative and cost-effective service offer and we are extremely pleased to award the MEMSII contract for the UK to the company.

The real benefit to our engineers is that, in return for a small usage charge, they can have the exact equipment they require, fully calibrated, for as long as they need it. When not in use, it is taken back and they no longer pay for it. The system works along the same lines as car rental.”