Cascade Microtech Inc. announced that Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has placed a multi-million dollar order for Cascade Microtech's Pyramid Probe® cards for its advanced RF CMOS integrated circuit production.

The probe cards, which have begun to ship to Peregrine, will be used to test Peregrine's latest generation UltraCMOS™ high power antenna switches. According to Peregrine, Cascade Microtech was selected due to the high quality advanced RF performance and reliability of its production probe card solutions.

"With mobile wireless and broadband applications driving much of today's demand for our communication ICs, it is important that we are able to cost-effectively manufacture and test large volumes of RF CMOS devices," said Vince DeMaioribus, director of assembly and test operations, Peregrine Semiconductor.

"Cascade Microtech has been a valued supplier in providing high performance probe cards and dedicated support to help enable testing of our advanced RF CMOS integrated circuits."

"Our Pyramid Production Probe solution is engineered to address the fundamental challenges associated with high performance RF CMOS device probing. Our production probe cards provide our customers with state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical performance, global support and short lead times to reduce time-to-market and lower total cost of test," said Cascade Microtech CEO, Eric Strid.

"We are pleased that Peregrine has chosen to work with us in testing their newest generation UltraCMOS antenna switches."