By obtaining a ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP) certification for its TinyOne™ ZigBee OEM module, One RF Technology has become the first European company to offer a ZCP with an in-house ZigBee stack based on the latest ZigBee 2006 specification.

The company’s R&D manager, Xavier Tatopoulos, explained, "After following the developments of the ZigBee standard closely for the past few years and adjusting our in-house developments accordingly, One RF Technology is happy to announce that all the work that we have put into offering an up-to-date ZigBee solution has paid off."

National Technical Systems (NTS), an authorized ZigBee compliance laboratory, performed the ZCP certification testing.

Consequently, the TinyOne ZigBee ZCP module offers the company's current as well as new customers the possibility to easily add up-to-date ZigBee functionality into their applications. Furthermore, the company is already developing its next generation ZigBee solution - μTiny. The new generation ZigBee module occupies only 25 x 15 mm of space, is about 3 mm high and is scheduled to be available for purchase in Q3 2007.