The wireless LAN (WLAN) industry is experiencing tremendous growth, aided by lower pricing points and standardization of technology. Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) believes that this growth will continue to accelerate, as larger technology and telecommunications companies enter the WLAN industry, bringing deep financial pockets and millions of existing customers.

"The WLAN industry will continue to experience stellar growth as deployments in several key markets take place," predicts Edward A. Rerisi, ABI director of research. "These markets include residential homes, small-medium offices, enterprises, academic campuses, transportation facilities, health care sites, industrial centers and at the local neighborhood eatery. Additionally, 802.11a, 802.11g and dual-band protocols are some of the key catalysts that will accelerate the market adoption of WLAN with its higher speeds of up to 54 Mbps." ABI's research has determined that the overall WLAN industry will generate $1.67 B in total revenue through the end of 2003.

The report, "Wi-Fi Networking Equipment: Worldwide Deployments, Drivers, Players and Forecasts for 802.11x," examines the deployment of WLAN equipment worldwide and provides a realistic outlook on where the industry is headed. This report also covers protocol and standards development, the opportunities and challenges for equipment vendors, and the challenges to deploying WLAN worldwide. Critical analysis of the key equipment vendors worldwide is covered. Market forecasts are segmented by standards .11b, .11a, .11g and dual-band. Detailed examination of technology shifts, market leaders and revenue by world regions through 2008 are also included.

"There is a very elastic relationship between pricing and demand in the wireless LAN market and every step down in price brings the industry closer to unlocking new opportunities and applications," continues Mr. Rerisi. "There is fierce competitive innovation in this market and it is critical for market participants to commit significant resources if they hope to compete."