The specialist in printed circuit boards, ICAPE of France, is opening a subsidiary in Nottingham, UK, in order to market its flexible and rigid printed circuits and technical parts, which are acquired through its suppliers based in mainland China, Taiwan and India.

The company offers a complete range of commercial services and works with its customers to choose the most appropriate supplier for their needs. It offers detailed estimates that take into account all the technical and/or logistical alternatives (air, sea-air, sea transport, etc.).

ICAPE offers single-side and double-side technologies with polymer holes, such as single-side printed circuits and double-side printed circuits with silver polymer paste holes; multi-layers and double-side technologies with metallized holes, such as multi-layer printed circuits (with copper metallized holes) up to 20 layers; flexible PCB technologies, such as printed circuits made of Polyimide, Polyester® or PEN®; and special PCB technologies, such as SMI, ceramics and PTFE.

The company manages transport, stock, customs and delivery for its clients. It can also carry out all services relating to the management of consignment stocks. It ensures that its suppliers are completely capable of satisfying its customers' needs at all times, in terms of technology, quality, services and price.

As a result, more than 150 medium-size and large European companies regularly use the company's services in the automotive, electronics, telecoms and consumer goods sectors. The company recorded sales of €20 M in 2006.