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First Things First:

Ending 3/2/07 The RF to Light 100 dropped 5.9%, YTD -.1% at 2456. NASDAQ down 5.8%, YTD -1.9%. The market sector fiber optic components were hit hardest, i.e. down 9%. I am sorry for failing to give advanced notice. I wish I took my secondary “market overbought” indicators more to heart! I also wish Alan Greenspan had kept his mouth shut! 2 Weeks ago I reported that we are in a narrow trading range between oversold and overbought. Today my oversold market indicator stands at 81% = oversold. Initial financial reports ending Dec. 06 indicate: Revenue trend declining, financial strength improved but with a declining trend.

In the News:

Stock markets declined around the world followed by Alan Greenspan’s comment about a possible but not probable recession in the US end of 2007. Consumer confidence rose in February to a 5.1/2 year high. Inflation dropped to 2.08% in January, the ISM manufacturing index jumped to 52.3 in February. We will have more global report cards next week. Aeroflex struck a deal to be bought by private equity firms for about $ 1 billion. Stock holders would receive $ 13.50 a share; Friday’s closing was $ 11.01. JDS Uniphase has agreed to acquire Picolight for about $ 125 million.

PIS (personal investment system):

Within 5 year low: Exar, Zhone, Verizon, Solectron, 3Com, Bookham, Microsoft, Maxim, Intel, Conexant, Powerwave
Within 2 year low: JDSU, Edo, Alcatel-Lucent, Cree, Sycamore, Flextronics.
Within 5 year high: EXITED: Harris, HP Compaq, Nokia, MEMC, Cisco, Atheros, Crown, Comcast.
Within 2 year high: JOINED : EMS, Nokia. EXITED: Amkor, T-Mobile, Anadigics, Time Warner, Nortel, Applied Materials, MRV.

Market Oversold Indicator:

increased to 81% (80% = market oversold).

Market Overbought Indicator:

down to 58%

Top Five:

Last Week:

Harmonic (+5%), Sprint (4%), Agere (2%), LSI (2%), Herley (0%)

Year to Date:

Anadigics (+33%), Harmonic (31%0, Hittite (29%), MEMC (28%), Amkor (21%)

Bottom Five:

Last Week:

MRV (-18%), Ciena (-17%), ADC (-11%), Mindspeed (-11%), Solectron (-10%)

Year to Date:

Bookham (-38%), Oplink (-23%), Powerwave (-19%), Rogers (-18%), ATC (-18%)

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Views and data expressed herein are solely those of Mr. Vorlop and not of his employer, Presidio Components Inc. nor those of Microwave Journal.

By Sectors:

Space & Defense:

-4%,YTD +1%

Communic. Services:

-4%, YTD -2%

Network Systems :

-8%, YTD -3%

RF Semiconductors:

-6%, YTD +9%

RF Components:

-6%, YTD -5%

F/O Components:

-9%, YTD -5%


-6%, YTD -3%