e2v has selected Tower Semiconductor as its supplier of choice for its Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor devices.

It is intended that the design expertise of e2v, combined with the high performance CMOS manufacturing capabilities of Tower Semiconductor, will result in a brand new generation of System on a Chip sensors benefiting from high image quality as well as embedded capabilities.

e2v's CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) products target a broad range of industrial and medical applications. Under the new agreement, the CMOS sensors will be produced in Tower's advanced Fab2, using the CIS 0.18 micron process and its advanced capabilities.

The partners are currently focusing on 10 key development projects. "With Tower's state-of-the-art CMOS image sensor manufacturing process, their unique stitching technology and clear desire to work with us in developing our business, it became an obvious choice for us to select Tower," said Jean-Philippe Lamarcq, Imaging Business Unit general manager at e2v, Grenoble, Switzerland.

"We are very happy with the depth of cooperation with Tower and look forward to a long-term business relationship." In reply, Avi Strum, general manager of the CMOS image sensor product line at Tower Semiconductor, commented, "We are pleased to provide e2v with our advanced CMOS image sensing design, device and process innovations, leading to excellent picture quality and superior product performance.

The selection by e2v is the result of a two-year joint development program between Tower and the Grenoble facility as well as the major technology breakthroughs we have demonstrated. We are happy to continue providing e2v with effective technology capabilities and support."