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First Things First:

The RF to Light 100 rose 2.3%, YTD +3.4% ending 2542 as of 2/2/07. NASDAQ up 2.5% YTD. The merger between Stratex and the microwave communications division of Harris Corp called Harris Stratex Networks (HSTX) created an about $ 650m company claiming to be the largest independent provider of wireless transmission network solutions with customers in over 150 countries. The stock began listing last week - up 17%. Mindspeed offered rosy outlook - up 11%. Conexant swung to a 1Q profit - up 9%. Motorola shares up 8% - billionaire investor Carl Icahn wants to join the board. Juniper Network still fails to provide detailed financials - down 4%

In the News:

Sentiment on Wall Street was boosted by data suggesting that the economy was growing at a healthy rate and inflation had moderated: US GDP rose to 3.5% in 4Q06. The steady advance in WLI growth since last summer, now at 4.7%, underscores the apparent recovery. The Fed left the Fed rate unchanged at 5.1/4%. Consumer confidence edged up slightly in January while the ISM-PMI for US manufacturing dropped to 49.3 - below the critical 50 line (above 50 = growth). DoD to request $ 622.6 billion for 2008 including $ 141.7 b for Iraq and Afghanistan. Most likely, the $276b JSF program will be scaled back significantly over the next 6 years as well as other hard-/software programs.

PIS (personal investment system):

Within 5 year low: Bookham, 3Com joined Exar, Maxim, Verizon and Zhone. Conexant, Vitesse exited.
Within 2 year low: Alcatel-Lucent, Qualcom joined.
Within 5 year high: Alltel joined, ATC exited.
Within 2 year high: Advanced Energy, Harmonic, Tyco joined. Agere, Ericsson exited.

Market Oversold Indicator:

Down to 77%.

Market Overbought Indicator:

Unchanged at 60%.

Top Five:

Last Week:

Harris Stratex Networks (+17%), Vitesse (+16%), Mindspeed (+11%), Conexant (+9%), Endwave (+8%)

Year to Date:

MEMC (+35%), Harmonic (+26%), Endwave (+25%), Spectrum (+24%), Amkor (+18%)

Bottom Five:

Last Week:

Bookham (-15%), ATC (-14%), Ericsson (-9%), Agere (-5%), JDSU (-5%)

Year to Date:

Bookham (-40%), Rogers (-12%), Avici (-10%), Oplink (-10%)

For the week of February 5th

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The RF to Light 100 is an abstract of the RF to Light 100 Pulse of the Industry Report, produced by industry veteran Gunter Vorlop.

The full report includes extensive economic data covering 100 public companies operating in markets that include space & defense, communications services, network systems, RF semiconductors, RF components and F/O components. It includes 12 spreadsheets with charts that are updated weekly, providing financial insight into the microwave industry for investors and corporate managers.

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Views and data expressed herein are solely those of Mr. Vorlop and not of his employer, Presidio Components Inc. nor those of Microwave Journal.

By Sectors:

Space & Defense:

+4%,YTD +5%

Communic. Services:

+1%, YTD +2%

Network Systems :

0%, YTD 0%

RF Semiconductors:

+2%, YTD +7%

RF Components:

0%, YTD 0%

F/O Components:

-2%, YTD -2%


+2%, YTD +2%