The French armaments directorate (DGA) is completely restructuring the information and communication systems of the Paris Strategy Centre, in a project known by the French abbreviation OE SIC PSP. The associated contract worth around

€70 M has been awarded to EADS Defence & Security Systems and Thales, along with their partners INEO and Cegelec, and covers the implementation of a programme for remodelling the information and communication systems of the French High Command of the Paris Strategy Centre (PSP).

The two-phase project is due to be realized over six years, with a potential five-year contract extension for maintenance. The new system will offer a combined and open command centre for the military and the secret services and be capable of implementing an Information Management policy that promotes the transmission of information and operational efficiency.

The PSP system will enable France to supply a joint staff Operational Headquarters, thus meeting the aims of the European Union. From 2007 on, the new system will provide a highly reconfigurable network architecture and enable the command centre to have an initial capacity level at its disposal that will promote cooperation using a modernized information system that synergizes with the existing one.