RF Monolithics Inc. (RFM) announced that its subsidiary Cirronet Inc. received an initial production order as part of a wireless sensor network contract with an industrial original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The production order combined with its associated development contract represents approximately $500K cumulatively from this OEM customer, a Fortune 500 company. The order consisting of wireless sensor nodes, routers and base stations will permit deployment of several thousand sensor nodes in an industrial application. The overall market opportunity for this industrial application includes a million or more of existing potential sensor points.

David M. Kirk, president and chief executive officer of RFM, commented, "RFM's announcement today is tangible confirmation that the company is effectively executing a key growth strategy through its Wireless Solutions Group, and at the same time delivering crucial solutions for optimizing operations in the industrial marketplace." RFM's wireless sensor network solutions in the industrial segment help industrial operations managers not only keep tabs on assets and vital infrastructure, but also track the operational status of equipment in real-time to address potential production problems and minimize down-time.

Kirk further commented, "In addition to this production order, we are excited about other opportunities our Wireless Solutions Group is seeing for our combined hardware/software solutions. Large industrial projects like this and other opportunities provide confidence in our primary marketing focus." RFM provides off-the-shelf wireless solutions at the chip, device and module level, as well as custom-solutions for OEM proprietary applications. These custom-solutions enable RFM's OEM customers to improve their competitiveness by integrating wireless sensor networking into their products, and to increase their speed-to-market when utilizing RFM's Wireless Solutions Group expertise for rapid wireless sensor networking design and implementation in their products.