Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced a new Time Division - Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) measurement capability for its PSA Series high-performance spectrum analyzers--a test and measurement solution for analysis of HSDPA/8PSK signals over TD-SCDMA. This measurement capability enables R&D engineers to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and analyze complex time-varying TD-SCDMA signals, thereby significantly speeding time to market.

TD-SCDMA is the official 3G mobile telecommunications standard in the People’s Republic of China. It combines TDMA and spread-spectrum CDMA technologies.

Agilent’s new measurement capability for TD-SCDMA is comprised of two different measurement personalities. Option 212, TD-SCDMA Modulation Analysis, troubleshoots and measures the quality of TD-SCDMA modulated signals, while Option 213, HSDPA/8PSK Modulation Analysis, troubleshoots and measures HSDPA/8PSK channels over TD-SCDMA. Featuring pass/fail indicators, these measurement personalities allow the engineer to quickly verify conformance to the TD-SCDMA standard.

“As a true leader and innovator in test and measurement solutions for new and emerging communication standards, Agilent is fully committed to supporting the TD-SCDMA market in China,” said Guy Sene, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Signal Analysis Division. “That commitment is demonstrated today as we become the first and only supplier to provide analysis of HSDPA/8PSK signals over TD-SCDMA. This capability will enable today’s R&D engineers to stay on the leading edge of wireless standards, while quickly moving forward to TD-SCDMA deployment.”

The Agilent PSA series spectrum analyzer offers high-performance spectrum analysis up to 50 GHz with a leading-edge combination of analysis bandwidth, flexibility, speed, accuracy and dynamic range. These capabilities, coupled with the PSA series’ powerful one-button measurements, make it an innovative and comprehensive solution for R&D and manufacturing engineers in cellular and emerging wireless communications, aerospace and defense.