Signal Generator

The Agilent N9310A RF signal generator reinforces Agilent’s entry into the low cost test instruments market and delivers on the company’s commitment to provide leading-quality and cost-effective products to customers. The N9310A RF signal generator covers ranges from 9 kHz to 3 GHz and full range of modulation types, including AM, FM, phase modulation, pulse modulations and an optional IQ modulator. With external IQ source, it can easily generate various types – even I/Q modulated signals such as GSM, CDMA and OFDM signals as seen in modern digital communications systems.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (800) 829-4444,
Booth 637 | RS No. 216

RF System-in-Package Kit

The RF System-in-Package (SiP) Kit includes new Cadence SiP RF products and methodologies for automating and accelerating the entire design process of RF SiPs for wireless communications applications. It also provides customer-proven SiP implementation methodologies based on an 802.11 b/g wireless local area network (WLAN) design. This enables fast and streamlined adoption of the SiP design technique with low risk. This Cadence Kit, along with the previously released Cadence RF Design Methodology Kit, expands Cadence’s RF design offerings in the wireless segment.

Cadence Design Systems Inc.,
San Jose, CA (408) 943-1234,
Booth 621 | RS No. 220

40 W Power Amplifier

These new SCPA linear solid-state power amplifier modules are designed for CDMA applications. Model CMW1042 delivers 40 W of power over 869 to 894 MHz and offers a nominal 54 dB gain. This module meets the FCC specifications for digital modulation and is rugged and unconditionally stable, making it suitable for all types of applications. Model CMW1042 is part of AR Worldwide’s extensive new family of power amplifier modules for wireless amplifiers such as CDMA, HDTC and WiMAX.

AR Worldwide Modular RF,
Bothell, WA (425) 485-9000,
Booth 312 | RS No. 218

Laser Powered Probe

The newest addition to the AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation family of laser powered probes is the revolutionary new 3 MHz to 18 GHz probe. Model FL7018 designed and manufactured by AR operates continuously without recharging or battery replacement. All AR laser powered probes feature an internal microprocessor to provide linearization, temperature compensation, control and communication functions. Other laser powered probes available include the FL7030 (5 kHz to 30 MHz) and the FL7006 (100 kHz to 6 GHz).

AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,
Booth 312 | RS No. 219

Simulation Software

The latest version of HFSS™ is a software program designed for electromagnetic field simulation and S-parameter/full-wave SPICE extraction of high frequency and high speed components. Learn about the latest developments in distributed processing for HFSS that deliver significant productivity gains for designers of on-chip embedded passives, PCB interconnects, antennas, RF/microwave components and high frequency IC packages.

Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200,
Booth 523 | RS No. 217

Electromagnetics for High Speed Analog and Digital Communication Circuits

This book reviews the fundamentals of electromagnetism in passive and active circuit elements, highlighting various effects and potential problems in designing a new circuit. The author begins with a review of the basics – the origin of resistance, capacitance and inductance – then progresses to more advanced topics such as passive device design and layout, resonant circuits, impedance matching, high speed switching circuits, and parasitic coupling and isolation techniques. Using examples and applications in RF and microwave systems, the author describes transmission lines, transformers and distributed circuits.

Cambridge University Press,
New York, NY (212) 924-3900,
Booth 437 | RS No. 221

3D EM Time Domain Tool

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® 2006B offers enhanced performance and robustness particularly in the Time Domain solver, due to the new Fast PBA mesher and the new flexible subgridding scheme with drastically reduced memory requirements. Alongside increased mesher and solver performance, users of the Frequency Domain solver now benefit from numerous new features and improvements such as the facility to excite structures by plane waves and slanted ports. Coupled simulation between CST MWS’ Frequency Domain TET solver and CST EM STUDIO™’s magneto-static solver has been implemented in order to simulate realistic biasing of ferrites. The interoperability between the high frequency solvers and the thermal solver has been further improved.

CST of America® Inc.,
Wellesley Hills, MA (781) 416-2782,
Booth 418 | RS No. 222

Synthesized Signal Generator

The model SSG 10/4000 is a synthesized signal generator that operates from 10 MHz to 4 GHz. The SSG is targeted towards applications that need low cost, simplicity of operation, connectivity and excellent RF performance. The SSG can be controlled via the front panel or remotely controlled via IEEE-488.2, RS-232 and 10/100BaseT Ethernet. The instrument weighs only 7 lb. and measures 10" × 10.5" × 2.75". Key specifications include a settling time of 200 μs, spurious rejection of at least 55 dB and output noise floor is –145 dBm/Hz.

dBm LLC,
Wayne, NJ (973) 709-0020,
Booth 625 | RS No. 223

Handheld RF Power Meter

The model 3500 is a handheld RF power meter designed to make RF power measurements in both field and R&D lab environments. With a wide frequency range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz, the model 3500 is useful in a variety of applications, including test of mobile phone and cellular infrastructures, WLAN devices, RFID readers, WiMAX devices and wireless sensors. Its large dynamic range of –63 to +20 dBm enables the model 3500 to measure signals either directly from the device under test or through layers of cabling and fixtures. Price: $1500.00.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH (800) 688-9951,
Booth 527 | RS No. 224

24 GHz UWB Radar Sensors

This new generation of 24 GHz ultrawideband (UWB) radar sensors is designed for military autonomous vehicles, leader/follower sensing and driver-assistance automotive applications. The short-range radar sensor is a highly-integrated “smart sensor” designed to improve safety and driver comfort functions in military and automotive applications by providing object detection and tracking up to within a few centimeters of the sensor with a range up to 30 m. These radar sensors are designed to operate in harsh weather and environmental conditions better than other sensing technologies, such as infrared devices.

M/A-COM Tyco Electronics,
Lowell, MA (978) 442-4825,
Booth 313 | RS No. 225

Component Model Library

The Modelithics Library,™ an accurate tool set for RF and microwave designers, features several updates, including new models for active and passive devices manufactured by Avago (formerly Agilent), ATC, Advanced Power Technology (APT), Freescale, Johanson, Murata, Micrometrics, NEC, Philips and Sirenza. The new releases also offer significantly increased flexibility in pad geometry modeling.

Modelithics Inc.,
Tampa, FL (813) 866-6335,
Booth 643 | RS No. 227

Inner DC Blocks

This family of RoHS compliant, DC blocks covers wireless band applications from 0.400 to 3.000 GHz. Available in 7/16 DIN, N, BNC and TNC configurations with RF power ratings to 500 W (2.5 kW peak) and breakdown voltages to 2.5 kV making them ideal for eliminating unwanted DC voltages or surges to tower top amplifiers. Delivery: stock to two weeks. Made in the USA.

MECA Electronics Inc.,
Denville, NJ (973) 625-0661,
Booth 632 | RS No. 226

Hot Switchable Relay

The 1P2T “hot switchable” relay’s configuration utilizes standard type ‘N’ connectors and mechanical package outline. Its internal contacts employ special arc-quenching alloys and are complimented with a make-before-break switching configuration. Exceptional RF performance is rated to 8 GHz with hot switch power levels rated at 100 W CW to 2 GHz field tested beyond 100K cycles, 80 W CW to 4 GHz and 60 W CW to 8 GHz. The p/n RDL-2N3A8-HI is available to ship from stock.

RelComm Technologies Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-4488,
Booth 433 | RS No. 228

Crimp Connectors

These two crimp connectors are designed for LMR-400 and Belden 9913 cables. The BNC, RFB-1106-I, is designed to perform to a minimum of 4 GHz and the TNC, RFT-1202-I, to a minimum of 7 GHz, dependent upon the coaxial cable used in the assembly. Both connectors feature gold-plated contacts, which can be soldered or crimped, Teflon“ insulation and nickel-plated brass bodies.

RF Industries/RF Connectors Division,
San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728,
Booth 439 | RS No. 229

Power Amplifier

The RF3266 power amplifier is the latest addition to RFMD’s 3G front-end portfolio targeting the Region 1, IMT Band, transmit path. With energy conservation in mind, the RF3266 incorporates the company’s innovative power saving technology enabling enhanced low-power-mode efficiency while simultaneously meeting the stringent linearity requirements of HSDPA modulation. RFMD has neatly packaged this innovation into a 3 × 3 × 0.9 mm QFN package giving manufacturers the best MSL capability available in WCDMA power amplifiers. Combined with an integrated power detector, the RF3266 delivers a small, low profile solution size enabling the form factors needed to differentiate these solutions in the 3G mobile devices marketplace.

Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233,
Booth 513 | RS No. 230

Low Gradient Temperature Chambers

These low gradient chambers are a replacement for constant temperature oil bath systems. The “Basic” low gradient package offers temperature gradients of ±1.0°C, and the “Ultra” low gradient chambers can achieve ±0.4°C, or better predicated on the DUT load. Both versions of Sigma’s low gradient chambers operate in a temperature range of –70° to +150°C. These low gradient temperatures are achieved using Sigma’s special high CFM blowers strategically positioned to maximize cross flow and turbulence in the convective airstream within the chamber interior.

Sigma Systems Corp.,
El Cajon, CA (619) 258-3700,
Booth 620 | RS No. 231

Public Safety and SMR Filter

The model CFB6-815 is a public safety and SMR filter that features a passband of 806 to 824 MHz and is ideally suited for in-building bidirectional amplifier applications that require a compact mechanical package. Isolation is specified at 90 dB at Fc ±36 MHz and the insertion loss is 1 dB. The design provides high “Q” and stable temperature performance and provides an excellent building block for compact diplexers and multiplexers. Size: 1.90" × 3.063" × 6.094".

Trilithic Inc.,
Indianapolis, IN (317) 895-3600,
Booth 611 | RS No. 235

High Frequency EM Simulation

The company has recently announced the new Sonnet Suites Release 11. In Release 11, Sonnet introduces a Co-calibrated Internal Port that exhibits exceptional dynamic range, and can be used for accurate attachment points of active or passive components. The new ports also enable full co-simulation of surface-mount part models within the EM analysis environment. Sonnet also announces a redesigned and seamless GUI interface to the Agilent ADS suite.

Sonnet Software,
North Syracuse, NY (315) 453-3096,
Booth 619 | RS No. 232

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

This ultra low phase noise, broadband voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is designed for signal sources operating fundamentally from 200 to 600 MHz. The DCYR2060-5 is based on the company’s proprietary patented and other patents pending technology, which increases bandwidth, lowers phase noise, responds to fast tuning and highly improves immunity to phase hits. The phase noise is typically –119 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset from the carrier and reaches the noise floor of –165 dBc/Hz at approximately 4 MHz. Size: 0.75" × 0.75" × 0.2", RoHS compliant packaging and can be delivered in tape and reel for automatic assembly processes.

Synergy Microwave Corp.,
Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800,
Booth 319 | RS No. 233

Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

To address highly complex digital RF environments, the RSA6100A series of real-time spectrum analyzers offers the industry’s leading combination of 110 MHz real-time bandwidth simultaneous with 73 dB spurious-free dynamic range. The RSA6100A series are the most capable and effective instruments available for solving even the most demanding digital RF test challenges. The DPX™ waveform image processor technology transforms volumes of real-time data to produce a live RF spectrum presentation that reveals previously unseen RF signals and signal anomalies.

Tektronix Inc.,
Beaverton, OR (800) 835-9433,
Booth 631 | RS No. 234

EM Simulation and Optimization Package

The release of IE3D V12 features a FastEM Design Kit for real-time full-wave EM synthesis; multi-fold speed improvement and multi-CPU support for improved efficiency; an equation based schematic-layout editor with Boolean operations for easy and flexible geometry editing; and lumped equivalent circuit automatic extraction and optimization for convenient circuit designs.

Zeland Software Inc.,
Fremont, CA
(510) 623-7162,
Booth 521 | RS No. 236