The Dutch Ministry of Defense has awarded EADS, together with its partners – Oerlikon Contraves and Kongsberg – the contract to supply technical systems for battle management command, control, communication, computers and information (BMC4I), part of the Netherlands Future Ground Based Air Defense (FGBAD NL).

The contract was won through the partners offering one of the world's most modern mobile air reconnaissance and weapon coordination system solutions and via this contract full operational capability of FGBAD NL will be realized. The contract covers full technical system integration responsibility from sensor-to-effector as well as full maintenance responsibility.

The components of the system are two TRML-3D mobile surveillance radars from EADS, mobile command and control operation centers provided by EADS and Oerlikon Contraves, a digital radio communication network from Oerlikon Contraves, and six Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air-Missile Systems II supplied by Kongsberg. The initial operational capability contract was awarded in October 2004 and covered three TRML-3D mobile surveillance radars, mobile command and control operation shelters including a radio-based communications system, all of which were successfully delivered.