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Aeroflex and AT4 Wireless Launch Development Test Mode for WiMAX Forum

A Development Test Mode for the WiMAX 802.16e protocol conformance test solution has been released by Aeroflex and AT4 Wireless (formerly known as CETECOM Spain) on behalf of the WiMAX Forum. The availability of the Development Test Mode gives first-line WiMAX equipment manufacturers, chipset developers and protocol stack developers an early opportunity to test both subscriber and base station functionality and interoperability throughout the development phase of their products.

WiMAX 802.16e protocol conformance test systems purchased with the initial Development Test Mode capability will be upgradeable to the full conformance test system when the additional functionality becomes available. The product development roadmap for the WiMAX 802.16e protocol conformance test solution, outlined in April 2006, stated that it would be introduced in multiple phases that progressively increased the available functionality to provide both a comprehensive Base Station Emulator (BSE-MINT 2230) for subscriber equipment testing and a Subscriber Station Emulator (SSE-MINT 2231) for base station equipment testing.

The Development Test Mode for the WiMAX 802.16e protocol conformance test solution enables the creation and execution of test case campaigns along with the production and analysis of test reports and logs. It also facilitates source level debugging with single stepping and break points and provides the ability to edit, save and compile test cases. The Development Test Mode for the WiMAX 802.16e protocol conformance test solution also gives developers early access to WiMAX test procedures and purposes through a series of example test cases. These test cases include network entry and initialization, ranging, updating channel descriptions, multicast and broadcast services, quality of service, MAC support for H-ARQ, DL CINR reporting, sleep and idle modes, and MAC layer handover procedures. These example test cases can be replaced by the formal ETSI test cases as they become available.

“The interest in WiMAX 802.16e is huge,” said Paul Argent, director of infrastructure products for Aeroflex Test Solutions, Wireless Division. “The Development Test Mode for the protocol conformance test solution that we are developing jointly with AT4 wireless on behalf of the WiMAX Forum satisfies the need for an early test capability amongst the technology leaders. By progressively delivering the WiMAX 802.16e protocol conformance test capability in multiple phases, as outlined in our roadmap back in April 2006, we are ensuring that WiMAX product developers can meet the aggressive timescales the WiMAX Forum has targeted for the deployment of functional WiMAX systems.”

“This product will increase the Aeroflex/AT4 Wireless WiMAX product portfolio and will provide a useful resource for manufacturers to perform early testing during the development phase,” said Andres Moreno, director of the systems division at AT4 Wireless.

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