The R&S ZVA40 from Rohde & Schwarz is a new network analyzer with a frequency range from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. The world's only four-port architecture at such high frequencies allows a user to perform various network-analysis applications without using any additional equipment. This includes measurements on mixers, amplifiers, converters and wafers, as well as antenna measurements in radar/satellite applications.

Featuring an exceptionally high output power of more than 18 dBm, a dynamic range greater than 150 dB and an extremely high measurement speed of 3.5 ┬Ás per test point, the R&S ZVA40 is the ideal tool for R&D in microwave applications.

Whenever measurements require high RF performance or a user has to characterize the DUT in the operating state, a flexible and powerful network analyzer is necessary. With the R&S ZVA40, Rohde & Schwarz adds another high-end instrument to its R&S ZVx network analyzer family, which now includes models with two to eight test ports for the frequency range up to 40 GHz.

The second generator, which is included in all four-port instruments, allows intermodulation measurements on amplifiers and conversion gain measurements on mixers and converters and thus eliminates the need for an additional external source. The second generator can be set independently of the first source, which makes it easy to configure measurements and to perform them quickly. Moreover, a user can flexibly configure test sets and integrate external components for specific measurements, for example, with an input power greater than 18 dBm.

The R&S ZVA40 is also ideally suited for carrying out entire multiport and balanced measurements up to 40 GHz. Rohde & Schwarz thus meets a measurement requirement that is important especially for chip manufacturers and on-wafer measurements; amplifiers can now be measured differentially. The easy installation of the calibration kit on the wafer and a complete system error calibration ensure the required measurement accuracy.

For these and other applications, the R&S ZVA40 offers high measurement accuracy in addition to being unbeatable with respect to dynamic range, output power, power sweep range and measurement speed. Like the other instruments of the network analyzer family, the R&S ZVA40 features an easy and intuitive operating concept. You don't have to be a specialist in network analysis to be able to perform sophisticated measurements quickly and generate comprehensive documentation. Convenient wizards explain all important operating steps by displaying them as graphics, and provide all the basic settings. In addition, extensive online help including detailed examples is provided.