Filter Software

For thirty years, S/FILSYN has offered versatile, sophisticated capabilities in synthesis of all types of filters-passive, active, crystal, digital, microwave; parametric, conventional; lossless, predistorted; ladder, lattice.

Developed by a renowned filter scientist, a PhD and Life Fellow of the IEEE. The software was originally available on time-sharing, then in DOS form for in-house and PC; it is now released in fully interactive form for Windows. Some of its recent innovations are coupled-triplet and quadruplet designs, and transfer function optimization.

ALK Engineering,
Salisbury, MD (410) 546-5573, Circle No. 310

Test Software

The SW1005 EMC test software provides automated immunity and emissions testing and report generation for all types of users. The software is designed to run as a stand alone program under Windows and incorporates both Conducted Immunity Test software (IEC 61000-4-6), Radiated Susceptibility Test software (IEC 61000-4-3) and pre-compliance Conducted and Radiated Emissions Test software into one package. Extensive reports are generated, as well as the ability to perform test sequencing, data collection and report preparation. Together with the AR SC1000 System Controller, the SW1005 allows users to coordinate multiple components of a complete testing system and to conduct a series of tests with the touch of a single button.

Amplifier Research,
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181, Circle No. 311

Design Tool

Cascade 5.0 is a free program that an RF engineer can use to analyze component chains. This Windows-based design tool allows the placement of up to thirty-nine components on a layout area. Enter the individual component's performance parameters and it automatically generates an analysis for a cascaded chain. Cascade also calculates and provides a graphical analysis of each component's contribution to system gain, noise, output power and third-order intercept. Also included are handy calculators, conversion tools and a glossary of RF definitions and terms to make this program a complete package. Embedded within Cascade is the entire company's standard parts database complete with a choice of two printable datasheet formats.

Philadelphia, PA (215) 464-4000, Circle No. 312

Radome/Absorber Design Tool

Tromma is a design tool for designing multilayer planar absorbers and radomes. This program allows the designer to use a variety of material types such as isotropic bulk materials, admittance/impedance sheets, mu/sigma sheets and anisotropic materials. Calculations can be done as a function of frequency, angle of incidence, orientation angle and polarization angle. Calculations are fast and the program comes with an optimizer that lets one find the right thickness to give the best transmission or absorption of energy in user selected bands. The program is available for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Damaskos Inc.,
Concordville, PA (215) 358-0200, Circle No. 313

Radio Channel Modeling Software

PROPLab is a software tool for radio channel modeling providing a simple method to build models of the physical world and generate realistic radio channel data for simulation during research, test and development of existing and future wireless communication systems. PROPLab' s graphical interfaces permit quick set up of scenarios for investigating different propagation cases. Users can interactively edit the propagation scenario and immediately observe the effect on the channel impulse response. Channel characteristics including multipath, shadowing, delay spread and Doppler spread are all dependent on the scenario parameters and the positions of the transmitters and receivers. Realistic channel fading is inherently generated by PROPLab as the mobile terminal moves through the environment.

Elektrobit UK Ltd.,
Edinburgh, UK +44 131 472 4723, Circle No. 314

Filter Software

This software was created to assist the engineer in the selection of a standard company Mini-Max microminiature filter. Mini-Max filters are designed specifically for use in military or other high performance applications. Six standard package options are available, each with a low profile of 0.240 inch. This software only supports the selection of bandpass filters. For high pass or low pass Mini-Max filters, please contact the company directly. Not to be confused with K&L's KeL-fil and KeL-com filter selection software for commercial applications, Mini-Max features the highest "Q" microminiature filters available for specific high performance needs.

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424, Circle No. 315

Component Model Library

The CLR Library™ now supports more than 30 Global Models™ representing over 2000 discrete components on popular substrates. The model library also now supports Applied Wave Research's Microwave Office, as well as Agilent's® Advanced Design System (ADS®) and Eagleware's GENESYS™. Upcoming software updates will include an extensive Diode Library and UNIX support on Sun® Solaris and HP-UX®. Free sample models can be downloaded via the Web site.

Modelithics Inc.,
Tampa, FL (813) 866-6335, Circle No. 316

Microwave Impedance Calculator

The MWIJ (JAVA version of the MWI program written by G.R. Traut) applet allows the user, for a given impedance (or vice versa), to calculate transmission line losses and temperature rise, obtain line widths and calculations for stripline and microstrip circuits through the use of a JAVA enabled browser.

Rogers Corp.,
Phoenix, AZ (480) 961-1381, Circle No. 317