"Myths" Brochures

This range of brochures is based on "Wireless Myths" and is aimed at those involved with the selection, purchase or design of wireless systems for use in a wide range of OEM applications. The four literature pieces include valuable advice concerning equipment selection, standards, interoperability and approvals.

AeroComm Inc.,
Lenexa, KS (800) 492-2320.

Circle No. 200

General Purpose Test Instruments Catalog

This 65-page catalog features the company's general purpose test instruments such as RF and microwave instruments, digital design and debug tools, basic instruments, test software and connectivity products, and accessories.

Agilent Technologies,
Englewood, CO (800) 452-4844.

Circle No. 201

RF/Microwave CW Generators Brochure

This 15-page brochure features the company's MG3690A family of CW generators. Product photographs, descriptions, performance graphs, specifications, spectral purity, RF output, inputs and outputs, and ordering information are provided.

Anritsu Microwave Measurements Division,
Morgan Hill, CA (800) 267-4878.

Circle No. 202

Short Form Catalog

This seventh edition of the company's short form catalog covers a broad range of interconnection and packaging products. The 12-page catalog includes the Correct-A-Chip™ technology and products, which enable designers to convert virtually any package type or footprint to any other.

Aries Electronics Inc.,
Frenchtown, NJ (908) 996-6841.

Circle No. 203

Crystal Oscillators and Quartz Crystals Catalog

This 52-page catalog features the company's clock oscillators, VCXO oscillators, TCXO oscillators, TCVCXO oscillators, OCXO oscillators, OCVCXO oscillators, automated test systems and crystals. Product outline drawings, descriptions, information, features, specifications and applications are provided.

Erie, PA (814) 838-3571.

Circle No. 204

Ferrite Catalog

This catalog features a range of ferrite transformers, an essential component of broadband technology, along with a variety of other products such as capacitors, varistors, chokes and surge arresters. Ferrite transformers are used in a variety of functions in broadband technology, such as high pass and low pass filters, impedance matching and insulation transformers.

London, UK 08705 550 5000.

Circle No. 205

Integrated Microwave Assembly Brochure

This eight-page integrated microwave assembly brochure features full color photographs, block diagrams and salient performance characteristics of complex modules including synthesized up and down converters, phase and amplitude control for simulator systems, solid-state receiver protectors, wide band switch matrices and transceivers.

Herley Industries,
Farmingdale, NY (631) 630-2000.

Circle No. 206

Components Catalog

This 192-page components catalog, deemed Catalog 223, features more than 390 new products including power components, test equipment, network accessories, passive components, design accessories and computer products. The company has expanded its brand name products while acquiring new lines of power supplies and converters.

Jameco Electronics,
Belmont, CA (650) 592-8097.

Circle No. 207

Materials Catalog

This catalog features the company's newest addition to its Meldin® family of high temperature polyimides, the Meldin 7000 series. Operational temperatures are +600°F for continuous operation, and +900°F for intermittent exposure. Whereas the Meldin 2000 series has been handling these high temperatures for over 20 years, the Meldin 7000 series polyimides are unique because they can be processed by direct forming.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics,
Bristol, RI (401) 253-2000.

Circle No. 208

Antenna Element Solutions Brochure

This six-page brochure provides information on the company's antenna solutions development, including consulting, range testing, modeling and design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and logistics. Product photographs, applications, features and benefits, and performance characteristics are also included.

Spectrum Control Inc.,
Fairview, PA (814) 835-1650.

Circle No. 209

CD-ROM Catalog

This CD-ROM catalog features a full line of microwave connectors, including hard-to-find parts ranging from UG styles to 40 GHz custom types. It features connectors ranging in size from MMCX to 7-16 and covers virtually all microwave connector applications.

TRU Corp.,
Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878.

Circle No. 210

Interconnection Solutions Catalog

This catalog offers important reference material for electronic designers and lists the company's complete line of connectors for surface-mount and through hole applications, as well as its high performance assembly equipment.

Zierick Manufacturing Corp.,
Mt. Kisco, NY (800) 882-8020.

Circle No. 211