New Products


GaAs IC SP5T Switch

The model AS195-306 GaAs IC SP5T switch features good harmonics and high IP3 in a compact package. The performance and size of the switch make it well suited for use as a transmit/ receive switch in GSM dual band handset applications. It has IP3 of 55 dBm, and second and third harmonics of -65 dBc. The AS195-306 achieves the excellent harmonics at 3 V, which lowers the required control voltage and results in longer battery life. Size: 4 x 4 mm. Price: $5.50.

Alpha Industries, Haverhill, MA (978) 241-7700.
Circle No. 216

Power Inductor

The model LPO1704 Power Wafer™ inductor offers a maximum height of just 1 mm, making it ideal for size-critical applications like PC cards, PDAs, notebook computers, mobile phones and other handheld products. The models in the LPO1704 series offer inductance values from 1 to 330 mH and RMS current ratings up to 3.6 amps. The LPO1704 has a specifically designed ceramic case to protect the winding while its flat top provides an ideal surface for pick and place handling. Size: 6.6 x 5.5 mm.

Coilcraft, Cary, IL (847) 639-6400.
Circle No. 218

Solid-state Switch Modules

The DTI PowerMod™ line of solid-state switch modules are field-proven for use as transmitter modulators in radar systems and as critical components in high energy physics and semiconductor fabrication systems. They feature greater than 99 percent switching efficiency or less than 60 V drop for a 9 kV, 30 A module and are immune to arcing, emissions and other lifetime limiting factors. The modules are easy to install and maintain and are available as 6 kV (270 W peak power), 9 kV (500 kW peak) and 12 kV (1 MW peak) plates that can be stacked to achieve the desired voltage. Fully qualified for military shipboard applications, the modules provide one million hours predicted reliability and require only a DC voltage source and input signal. Size: 7" x 7" x 3" (6 and 9 kV) and 12" x 12" x 3" (12 kV). Price: $2500.

Diversified Technologies Inc., Bedford, MA (781) 275-9444.
Circle No. 219

Coaxial Switch

The model 561K-430803E SP6T 26 GHz coaxial switch offers an internal 50 W termination. DC characteristics include 24 to 32 V DC (28 V DC nominal). Operating current is 180 mA (typ) at 20°C operation. Equipped with a latching actuator, this device switches in 15 ms (max). The control circuitry includes self cut-off and BCD decoder (TTL driver optional). With a focus on the automatic test equipment market, this switch is most popular as a building block for test systems that perform to 26 GHz. Its high frequency performance is critical for testing the new generation of LMDS communication systems.

Dow-Key Microwave Corp., Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.
Circle No. 220

Low Profile Power Supply Connectors

The HR31 series of low profile power supply connectors are ideal for factory automation networks and are supplied in five positions and 5.08 mm pitch. The through-hole type headers are available in both straight and right-angle versions and contacts can be ordered with solder or gold plating; gold plating contacts increase mating/unmating cycles up to 1000 times. A low height of 10.2 mm allows for higher density mounting and the HR31 is provided with removable contacts for quick and easy contact replacement. They are also provided with two forms of locking: both a simple snap-lock and permanently attached self-aligning screws (on plug) and threaded inserts (on receptacle) assure engagement of both assemblies. Price: $6 (1000). Delivery: 6 to 8 weeks.

Hirose Electric USA Inc., Simi Valley, CA (805) 522-7958.
Circle No. 221

Bandpass Filter

The model BPC10087 bandpass filter offers less than 0.5 dB (typ) insertion loss at 10.0 GHz center frequency, and less than 0.7 dB ripple over its 9.6 to 10.4 GHz passband. With typical passband SWR of less than 1.35, the selectivity of this 10 section filter is greater than 65 dB from DC to 9.2 GHz, and better than 60 dB from 10.7 to 20.0 GHz. Size: 3.50" x 0.63" x 0.38".

Micro-tronics, Sonora, CA (209) 532-1008.
Circle No. 223

90° Hybrid Coupler

The model 1831 hybrid coupler operates over the entire frequency band of 1.0 to 18.0 GHz with coupling at 3 dB. Amplitude imbalance is ±10° maximum (tighter phase and amplitude imbalance available). Isolation is 17 dB (min) and SWR is 1.35 (max). Insertion loss is 2.0 dB (max). Standard connector is SMA female (N female available upon request). Power rating is 20 W average and 3 kW peak, narrower frequency bands are available with improved specifications. These hybrids are typically used in circuits requiring a balanced division of power into two transmission lines with 90° separation of phase. Applications include signal splitters and combiners, balanced mixers, image-rejection mixers, phase shifters, diplexers, switches and antenna feed networks. Delivery: stock to three weeks.

Krytar, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 734-5999.
Circle No. 222

Attenuator Kit

The model 3-A-MFB-K1 consists of four attenuators each rated at 3 W; 3, 6, 10 and 20 dB values. All have BNC male and female connectors. The impact resistant case protects the four attenuators with internal pre-cut foam used for mounting. This cost-effective kit can be used by installers, technicians and engineers to determine exact dB values needed for transmit, receive or measurement systems as an alternative to more costly variable attenuators. Price: $100. Delivery: stock to three weeks.

Bird Component Products (BCP), Largo, FL (727) 547-8826.
Circle No. 217

CATV Filter Network

The model 14579 filter network is designed to be used for low band (channels 2 through 6) single channel television reprocessing applications. This is a cost-effective extension of the company's MDN series of cable related products, with applications in MDU, motel, hotel, school, hospital and business environments. This filter network removes a selected channel from the incoming CATV line, while keeping adjacent channels in service. The reprocessing can consist of batch descrambling, scrambling, channel conversion or any combination of these. The network includes a highly selective integrated bandpass filter, allowing for clean insertion of new information. The unit passes all CATV frequencies up to 550 MHz, with less than 1 dB insertion loss and greater than 15 dB return loss. Optional passband extenders can be factory installed to increase the passband to 1 GHz.

Microwave Filter Co., East Syracuse, NY (800) 448-1666 or (315) 438-4700.
Circle No. 224

2 W SMA Attenuators Designer's Kit

Ten different DC to 18 GHz fixed attenuators from the company's BW series are now avail- able in designer's kit form. The kit, number K-BW3, contains one each of models BW-S1W2 to BW-S10W2 (nominal attenuation values 1 to 10 dB), and each supplies precision accurate attenuation from a small stainless steel package. This 10 unit kit is built to handle 2 W average and 125 W peak power. Price: $200.

Mini-Circuits, Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.
Circle No. 225

Broadband Chip Capacitor Simulation Models

These chip capacitor simulation models span DC to 10 GHz and are available for components from several vendors and for a wide range of nominal capacitance values. The substrate-dependent models incorporate adjacent ground effects, and the parameters scale with the substrate thickness and dielectric constant. The models are equivalent circuit topologies with effective series resistance being determined with precision measurement techniques. Substrate-dependent interconnect models are also available to ensure simulation accuracy in a variety of component configurations.

Modelithics Inc., Temple Terrace, FL (813) 866-6335.
Circle No. 226

Band Reject Filter

The model MR1004X multi-octave band reject filter consists of eight stages covering the fre- quency range of 7 to 18 GHz. The rejection bandwidth is extremely wide at 7 GHz, the -50 dB rejection bandwidth is 20 MHz and at 18 GHz the 50 dB rejection bandwidth is 50 MHz. The out of band insertion loss is 2.0 dB (typ) and the tuning sensitivity is 24 MHz/MA (typ). The operating temperature is -54° to +85°C and the filter is built to MIL-E-5400 specifications. Size: 1.7" x 1.7" x 1.7".

Omniyig Inc., Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-0843.
Circle No. 227

Surface-mount Heat Sink

The model TS-54081-AD D-Pak surface-mount heat sink is available in tape-and-reel packaging to accommodate SMT automatic placement. Hot solder dip coating over highly conductive copper for maximum heat transfer in surface-mount applications. Thermal interface material is not required and the part is solder mounted to a PC board over the device on solder pad. Copper material is used for efficient thermal transfer and is tin-plated for solderability.

Thermshield LLC, Laconia, NH (603) 524-3714.
Circle No. 228

Surface Launch PCB-mounted BNC Jack Connector

The model UCBJ20F surface launch circuit board BNC jack connector was designed for high coaxial interconnect density motherboard applications that require very low return loss at higher frequencies over a wide bandwidth and temperature variation. Featuring true 75 W performance, this jack enables return loss values of -33 dB up through 1 GHz. The connector's vertical launch construction enables the signal to be mated to the cable at 90° from the surface of the board. Price: $2.25 (100 K).

Trompeter Electronics, Westlake Village, CA (800) 982-2629.
Circle No. 229


Low Noise Amplifiers

These low noise amplifiers offer a noise figure as low as 1.1 dB, and operate over 1810-1910/1710-1780 MHz. The models NL00379, NL00380, NL00381 and NL0382 are now available. Typical gain for these units is 25 dB. Output of IP3 is 33 to 39 dBm. Size: 0.50" x 0.53".

Nextec Microwave & Inc., Santa Clara, CA (408) 727-1189.
Circle No. 230

High Power Amplifier

The model 5107 high power solid-state power amplifier offers a minimum linear power of 80 W across the 700 to 3000 MHz frequency band. It is ideally suited as a laboratory bench amplifier covering all the major communication bands and is suited to passive intermodulation testing, RF power device testing and for TWTA replacement. This small and lightweight amplifier utilizes GaAsFET technology with a corresponding abrupt saturation curve. The linear power is typically less than 1 dB below saturated power. Model 5107 is also available with output powers of 50 and 25 W.

Ophir RF, Los Angeles, CA (310) 306-5556.
Circle No. 231


Compact Wide Band Feeds

This line of compact waveguide bandwidth scalar antenna feeds features high cross-polarization and covers the 0.75 to 40.0 GHz frequency range. The models in this family (model number 0103-800 through 0115-800) cover frequencies from 0.75 to 40.0 GHz. These feeds have numerous applications, including data collection, antenna testing services and signal surveying. All feeds have better than -30 dB on axis cross polarization.

Seavey Engineering Associates Inc., Pembroke, MA (781) 829-4740.
Circle No. 233

Small Size, Lightweight Embedded Antenna

The model 505106E embedded antenna is used in wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11, bar code scanners and point of purchase RFID applications. The antenna is custom designed to specific size, weight, shape and performance while providing easy assembly placement. The model supports a 2.4000 to 2.485 GHz frequency range and has a SWR of 2.0, 50 W impedance and linear polarization.

TECOM Industries Inc., a TRAK Communications company, Chatsworth, CA (818) 341-4010.
Circle No. 234

Wideband Antenna

The model DB792SM5N-KU wideband antenna is specifically designed for the 1710 to 3600 MHz band. It provides omni-directional RF coverage for a wide range of applications including GSM 1800, PCS, UMTS and 2.4 GHz ISM. This antenna is ideal for indoor coverage systems as it allows system planners to combine multiple services into a single antenna.

Decibel Products, an Allen Telecom company, Dallas, TX (800) 676-5342.
Circle No. 232


Hyperabrupt Tuning Diodes

The 2043 series of hyperabrupt tuning diodes is designed for wireless communications prod- ucts operating in VHF, UHF and L-band applications where high volume and low cost devices are required in oscillator designs. The series provides superior performance in highly stable VCO and phase-locked loop oscillator designs. All packages are available in tape-and-reel for ease of manufacturing assembly. The diodes are available in chip form as well for those projects requiring in-circuit design and manufacturing. Additional features include low reverse leakage, nominal well-controlled slope with 3:1 capacitance ratio and operating temperature of -55° to +125°C.

Knox Semiconductor Inc., Rockport, ME (207) 236-6076.
Circle No. 235

Surface-mount RF Power Transistors

This line of surface-mount VDMOS and LDMOS RF power FETs includes three packages. They are ceramic 2 pin, ceramic SO8 and the family now includes a plastic SO8. The FETs work off 7.5, 12.5 and 28.0 V DC power supplies and the output power capability varies from 4 to 15 W. The test frequencies are 500 to 1000 MHz. They are not internally matched and will operate from DC to above the frequency of test and are suitable for narrow or wide band circuits.

Polyfet RF Devices, Camarillo, CA (805) 484-4210.
Circle No. 236


Analog-to-digital Converter

The model AD6645 14-bit, 10 msps analog-to-digital converter (ADC) enables multi-carrier software radio architectures in wireless basestations to achieve higher levels of signal quality as well as to keep pace with future air interference standards. This ADC also serves other applications requiring high dynamic range, such as communications test equipment, satellite receiver ground stations and broadband wireless basestations. Price: $75 (1000).

Analog Devices Inc., Wilmington, MA (800) 262-5643.
Circle No. 237

GaAs InGaP HBT MMIC Power Amplifier

The model HMC406MS8G heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) MMIC power amplifier operates between 5 and 6 GHz, and is packaged in a low cost, surface-mount eight leaded MSOP package with an exposed base for improved RF and thermal performance. It provides 17 dB of gain and +29 dBm of saturated power at 38 percent PAE from a +5 V supply. Power down capability is available to preserve current consumption when the amplifier is not in use. The HMC406MS8G is ideal for usage in UNII and HiperLAN applications.

Hittite Microwave Corp., Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343.
Circle No. 239

GaAs Monolithic MMIC Receiver

The model XR1001 GaAs MMIC receiver is comprised of a two-stage LNA followed by a pair of subharmonic mixers, configured to form an image reject mixer. This mixer removes the need for a bandpass filter after the LNA to remove thermal noise at the image frequency. The use of a subharmonic mixer makes the provision of the LO easier than for fundamental mixers at these frequencies. I and Q mixer outputs are provided and an external 90° hybrid is required to select the desired sideband. Using 0.15 micron gate length GaAs pHEMT device model technology, the receiver covers the 36 to 40 GHz frequency bands. It has a typical small signal gain of 5 dB with a typical noise figure of 4 dB and 12 dB typical image rejection across the band. This device is well suited for wireless communications applications such as millimeter-wave point-to-point radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.

Mimix Broadband, Webster, TX (281) 526-0536.
Circle No. 240

Power Amplifier RFICs

These two high gain linear power amplifier RFICs expand the company's SPA Series. The model SPA-2118 and model SPA-2318 offer cellular, PCS and 3G equipment designers 32 dB of gain at 900 MHz and 23 dB of gain at 1.9 and 2.1 GHz, along with exceptional linearity. These GaAs heterojunction-bipolar-transistor devices cover the 850, 1950 and 2150 MHz frequency bands and perform as excellent driver amplifiers for wireless infrastructure equipment. Housed in standard surface-mount SOIC-8 plastic packages with backside metallization, the amplifiers are fabricated using state-of-the-art, high performance GaAs semiconductor process technology. Price: $9.90 (50,000).

Sirenza Microdevices Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (408) 616-5400.
Circle No. 241

Radio-controlled Clock Receiver IC

The model IC T4227 receiver IC provides outstanding reception behavior and can be used for all time-code applications. Its large reception frequency range from 40 to 120 kHz provides security for future, upcoming transmitters. The IC also offers improved reception sensitivity. Apart from the antenna and the necessary crystal, only two capacitors are required to run the applications. The two outputs help to avoid the need for an external signal inverter and give more flexibility to the microcontroller software. Price: $1.90 (10 K).

Atmel Corp., San Jose, CA (408) 441-0311.
Circle No. 238


White Epoxy Molding Materials

REFLECTION™ white epoxy molding materials are formulated to withstand high solder temperatures while effectively retaining key optical, electrical and mechanical properties. Applications may include encapsulation for optocouplers, relays and other electronic and optoelectronic components. REFLECTION reflects the "good" light and keeps out the "tramp" light to make for a thinner design in products. By optimally balancing the features of high reflectivity with excellent opacity, REFLECTION allows design engineers to eliminate the additional epoxy layer.

Rogers Corp., Rogers, CT (800) 243-7158.
Circle No. 242


Expanded CO2 Laser Machining Facility

This expanded job shop and contract manufacturing division has a primary focus on quick-turn laser drilling, scribing, dicing and milling of ceramics and silicon materials for the thick and thin film circuits, telecommunications, microelectronics, semiconductor and defense industries. Standard material thickness is from 0.004" to 0.050" with machining dimensions as small as 0.002". This service has been put in place to satisfy the growing need for quick turn prototyping, and short and long production runs utilizing the company's CO2 laser systems. The equipment has features such as machine vision, proprietary debris control and high speed boring heads.

Resonetics Inc., Nashua, NH (603) 886-6772.
Circle No. 243


Wireless/DSP System Design Tool

SystemView Version 5.0 offers a significant advance in system-level design with integration with Texas Instruments (TI) DSP design tools, increased speed and improved robustness. It includes a significant enhancement to its Real Time DSP Architect which links SystemView with TI's Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment. Version 5.0 allows users to design wireless systems and create optimized fixed-point C code that can be ported directly for use on TI's DSPs with a click of a mouse. Enhancements to the environment now allow an unlimited number of tokens and MetaSystems within the design area, drag and drop copying and moving of tokens between MetaSystems and customized token numbering. SystemView is available for Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP operating systems.

Elanix Inc., Westlake Village, CA (800) 535-2649.
Circle No. 244



This 10 MHz OCXO offers a temperature stability of less than 0.02 ppm from 0° to 60°C and has a 10 dBm output sinewave, making it ideal for any precision application. A five-minute warm-up time ensures that the output will be on frequency while consuming less than 5 W during warm-up. Utilizing SC cut crystal technology, the oscillator uses proprietary techniques to prevent moding and reduce temperature variations. Mechanical tuning, square wave output, frequency and other packaging options are available. Size: 2.00" x 2.00" x 2.75".

EDC Inc., Aumsville, OR (503) 749-3444.
Circle No. 245

Phase-locked Oscillators

The SPDRO series of 0.5 to 26.0 GHz phase-locked oscillators is ideal for military, instrumentation and sonnet applications. The models in the series require only a single loop for phase locking and operate over a -45° to +75°C temperature range. The units feature an ultra-low DC power consumption (less than 300 mA) and ultra-low phase noise. Output power is +12 dBm ±2 dBm with a 12 to 24 V DC power supply. In order to achieve the most reliable performance, the company has employed a technique to phase-lock microwave DROs to 10 MHz crystal reference (10 to 250 MHz range). Size: 2.25" x 2.25" x 0.62".

Elcom Technologies Inc., Rockleigh, NJ (201) 767-8030, ext. 230.
Circle No. 246

Phase-locked Crystal Oscillators

The PLXO series of phase-locked crystal oscillators offer fixed frequency outputs in CMOS or (up to) +7 dBm sinewave from 5 to 400 MHz. At 100 MHz output frequency these devices offer -140 dBc/Hz phase noise at 10 kHz offset. The series is ideally suited for use as high stability low phase noise reference (clock) oscillators.

EM Research Inc., Citrus Heights, CA (916) 722-4266.
Circle No. 247

Phase-locked Loop Module

The model PLL1720A phase-locked loop (PLL) is designed for PCS basestations. It uti- lizes chip scale packaging technology to realize a frequency range of 1690 to 1760 MHz with a step size of 50 kHz. It offers a phase noise specification of -104 dBc at 10 kHz offset and -125 dBc at 100 kHz offset or, equivalently, a RMS phase error of 2.5° integrated over 100 Hz to 100 kHz. This technology and module frees a circuit designer from having to characterize critical loop filter parameters and replaces dozens of components with a single, high performance module. The PLL1720A delivers 3.5 ±2.5 dBm into a 50 W load. Harmonic suppression is -15 dBc and reference sideband spurs are attenuated greater than -70 dBc. Size: 0.866" x 0.630" x 0.140".

Z-Communications Inc., San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700.
Circle No. 248


Low Noise Downconverter

The model LNC-1720 low noise downconverter operates in the 17.7 to 19.7 GHz band to an IF of 815 MHz. Designed for communications applications, it is a unique amplifier/mixer/pre-amp design, which comes in a SMA connectorized outline. The typical gain of 21 to 24 dB, with an associated typical flatness of 1.0 dB p-p, is mechanically adjustable. Typical noise figure is 1.9 dB, with a typical image rejection of 23 dB. The supply requirements are +12 V at 120 mA and -12 V at 10 mA.

Marki Microwave Inc., Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4200.
Circle No. 249

Modular Fixed Frequency Synthesizers

The SMF series of small modular fixed frequency synthesizers was designed to offer cus- tomized features in a standard package and offers multiple phase-locked and time synchronous outputs as well as dual independent phase-locked loops referenced to a single source. Features include thermal stability of 1.00E-08 over a 40° temperature range and a phase noise floor of -175 dBc at 10 kHz. The extended frequency range of 1 MHz to 1 GHz makes this series ideal for applications such as synthetic aperture radar and electronic warfare. Multiple supply voltage inputs support a wide variety of voltage requirements from -15 to +24 V. The SMF series has a warm-up time of less than five minutes and power consumption of 9 W over the full operating temperature range. The synthesizers come standard with built-in test and sine outputs.

MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc., Newburyport, MA (978) 465-6064.
Circle No. 250


Portable Spectrum Analyzer

The model 2399 portable spectrum analyzer features a distance to fault (DTF) option, which enables fault location in coaxial cabling at basestation and transmitter sites. The model is used in a wide range of applications, including mobile communications service workshops, basestation installation, repair and maintenance plus broadcast and education. With a frequency range of 9 kHz to 2.9 GHz, it includes many features designed to make it extremely user friendly, such as semi-automated measurement capabilities, a fast processor, large memory capacity and color display.

IFR Systems Inc., Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352 or (316) 522-4981.
Circle No. 252

Automatic Test System

The model 1031 double bay microwave module automatic test system is comprised of com- mercially available off-the-shelf test equipment, computer subsystem and special test equipment and interface panels designed in accordance with customer supplied component specifications. The basic system operates to 20 GHz and includes a spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer, synthesized sources, power meter, noise source, power supply and a data acquisition/switch unit. In addition, a GPIB controlled thermal stabilizing system is provided to accommodate testing under various temperature conditions. The standard system has a peak measurement capacity of 213,000 points per hour. At any specific temperature setting, the system will completely characterize a typical transceiver path in 120 seconds.

In-Phase Technologies Inc., Clarksburg, NJ (609) 259-8555.
Circle No. 253

Evaluation Kit

The model MDEV-900-SC-XXX wireless development kit contains all the tools necessary to rapidly evaluate and integrate the company's SC series of RF modules. The kit gives prospective users a chance to fully explore the SC series transceiver modules, which can transfer serial data or analog content over distances of up to 500 feet. The master development boards feature encoder/decoder ICs with audible and relay-switched outputs, an RS-232 link for protocol development, demonstration software and a generous on-board prototyping area with breakout headers and a regulated power supply. The master development kit includes four SC modules, two pre-assembled development boards, two antennas, batteries, software and complete documentation. Price: $299.

Linx Technologies Inc., Grants Pass, OR (541) 471-6256.
Circle No. 254

Vector Network Analyzer

The model E8364A network analyzer delivers fast measurement speed, high dynamic range and low trace noise to 50 GHz. It is designed for engineers and technicians in research and development and manufacturing, and users who require precise, high speed S-parameter measurements. The model E8364A has two measurement ports and uses a four-channel, mixer-based receiver. This approach results in a lower instrument noise floor and enables in-fixture and on-wafer measurements. This network analyzer offers a sweep speed as fast as 35 ms per point, dynamic range greater than 90 dB and trace noise of 0.02 dB RMS (all at 50 GHz).

Agilent Technologies UK Ltd., Berkshire, UK +44 (0) 7004 666666.
Circle No. 251


Traveling Wave Tube

The model TH 4428 traveling wave tube (TWT) is designed to provide the power needed for new-generation electronic countermeasures and test instruments operating over a broad frequency band from 18 to 40 GHz. It delivers enough power to significantly reduce the number of tubes needed on a given system. The TH 4428 features the new low dispersion helix delay line technology patented by the company, and is already incorporated in the company's 6 to 18 GHz miniature TWTs.

Thales Electron Devices, Velizy Cedex, France +33 (0) 1 30 70 35 00.
Circle No. 255