* Short Form Catalog

This eight-page catalog features the company's waveguide couplers, waveguide components, waveguide terminations, phase shifters, variable attenuators, coaxial components and custom products. Products photographs, schematics, specifications, ordering information and a company overview are provided.

Advanced Technical Materials Inc. (ATM), Patchogue, NY (631) 289-0363.

Circle No. 310


* Microwave Products

This catalog features the company's cutting edge microwave products for airborne, ground, shipboard, space and a growing communications market. The company's in-house capability spans from design conceptualization to high volume production runs.

Akon Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 432-8039.

Circle No. 311


* RF and Microwave Test Accessories Catalog

This 207-page catalog features the company's adapters, cables, connectors, amplifiers, attenuators, detectors, directional couplers and bridges, filters and limiters, impedance test accessories, mixers, network analyzer accessories, power dividers and splitters, power sensors and waveguide accessories. Product photographs, descriptions and electrical specifications are provided.

Agilent Technologies, Englewood, CO (800) 452-4844.

Circle No. 312


* Product Brochure

This 10-page brochure describes and details Microwave Office 2001. An in-depth description and discussion of the next generation high frequency EDA is provided, as well as screenshots, options, hybrid and PCB applications, system requirements, and part number and ordering information.

Applied Wave Research (AWR), El Segundo, CA (310) 726-3000.

Circle No. 313


* Pulse Generators and Drivers

This catalog features over 500 unique models with a selection of pulse generators, laser diode drivers, impulse generators, amplifiers, digital delay generators for PRF to 250 MHz, rise times as low as 40 ps and amplitude to 3000 V. Many models feature the IEEE-488 GPIB option.

Avtech Electrosystems Ltd., Ottawa, Canada (613) 226-5772.

Circle No. 314


* Aluminum Nitride Catalog

This catalog features Hi-Therm™ aluminum nitride, a high priority ceramic with superior microstructural and chemical uniformity that results in very consistent properties. Hi-Therm is best suited for heat sink, power transistor module, high frequency device and laser diode submount applications. Key specifications and a thermal conductivity graph are provided.

Carborundum Corp., Sanborn, NY (716) 731-9200.

Circle No. 315


* Power Products

The Kikusui 2001 product catalog is designed for users of AC and DC power supplies, electronic loads, power controllers, battery testers, and general test and measurement instruments. The catalog highlights new products and provides both visual and model numbers for ease of ordering.

IFR Systems Inc., Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352 or (316) 522-4981.

Circle No. 316


* Design Guide Reference Book

This 20-page guide describes the benefits of using laminated bus bar systems rather than conventional wiring harnesses. These benefits include better electrical performance, space savings, reduced system cost and increased product quality. The guide will benefit designers or engineers working on power distribution issues.

Network Bus Products, a division of Methode Electronics Inc., Rolling Meadows, IL (847) 577-9545.

Circle No. 317


* Optical Networking Products Catalog

The new "Optical Networking Products" data book incorporates all the company's current offerings, with a focus on many of the new releases for OC-12, 48 and 192 applications. Product applications include network servers, telecommunication systems, instrumentation and defense electronics.

Micro Networks, Worcester, MA (508) 852-8456.

Circle No. 318


* MMIC Package Product Folder

This product folder features the company's VIA/BGA® thin-film ceramic package for broadband applications. The packages offer true surface-mount configuration, quick prototyping, small footprint, excellent ETC match with GaAs and excellent heat dissipation. Product photographs, applications, features, specifications and guidelines are provided.

Micro Substrates Corp., Tempe, AZ (480) 731-6230.

Circle No. 319

* Product Folder

This product folder includes product data sheets for the company's gain block amplifiers, power amplifiers, up-converters, modulators, mixers and receivers. Each sheet provides product photographs, features, a general description and electrical characteristics. A company overview is also provided in the folder.

Mimix Broadband, Webster, TX (281) 526-0536.

Circle No. 320


* Product Catalog

This 54-page catalog features tunable inductors and transformers, fixed inductors, microwave components and leaded inductors, spiral inductors, broadband conical inductors, inductor circuits, chip resistors, custom thick and thin film substrates, and thick and thin film circuits. General product information, a qualified products reference list and a products selection list are also included.

Piconics Inc., Tyngsboro, MA (978) 649-7501.

Circle No. 321


* Short Form Catalog

This 14-page catalog features the company's amplifiers, filters, DC blocks, power dividers and pick-off tees, bias tees, pulse generators, attenuators, trigger countdown, ECL/PECL terminators and transformers. Product photographs, descriptions, specifications, graphs and applications are provided. A company overview, contact information, and a list of worldwide distributors and representatives are also included.

Picosecond Pulse Labs Inc., Boulder, CO (303) 443-1249.

Circle No. 322


* Products Brochure

This six-page brochure features the company's semiconductors, components, connectors, cable assemblies, capacitors, fuses and thermal management products. Product photographs, features and applications are provided. A list of company services is included, as well as a product reference guide.

Richardson Electronics, LaFox, IL (800) 737-6937.

Circle No. 323


* Companies Brochure

This four-page brochure details Smiths Interconnects' companies, which manufacture a wide range of passive components and equipment for power, signal, radio frequency and microwave applications. Descriptions are provided for all seven companies: EMC Technology Inc., Florida RF Labs Inc., Hypertronics Corp., PolyPhaser Corp., Radio Waves Inc., Sabritec and Times Microwave Systems.

Smiths Group plc Interconnect, London, UK

Circle No. 324


* Product Brochure

This four-page brochure features the company's line of amplifiers, filters, frequency multipliers and mixers. Product descriptions, photographs and performance characteristics are provided. A brief company overview and history is also included in the brochure.

Sophia Wireless Inc., Chantilly, VA (703) 961-9573.

Circle No. 325


* Wireless Components Selection Guide

This eight-page selection guide features the company's inductor components, capacitor components, filter components, antennas and services. Product photographs, applications, features, benefits and performance characteristics are provided. A description of the company and its design capabilities and testing facilities is also included.

Spectrum Control Inc., Fairview, PA (814) 835-1650.

Circle No. 326


* Product Folder

This folder includes data sheets for the failsafe redundancy systems, booster amplifier, satellite RF transceiver and solid-state high power amplifiers. The sheets provide product photographs, features, highlights and general specifications. The folder also includes the company's mission.

SSPA Microwave Corp., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (905) 565-0558.

Circle No. 327


* Designer's Handbook

This 201-page handbook features the company's attenuators/switches, couplers, demodulators, filters, frequency doublers, frequency synthesizers, hybrids, mixers, modulators, monolithic amplifiers, phase comparators, phase detectors, phase shifters, power dividers, transformers, test fixtures and VCOs. Product photographs, performance characteristics and common specifications are provided.

Synergy Microwave Corp., Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800.

Circle No. 328


* Diode Mixer Components Catalog

This 68-page catalog features the company's line of diode mixers. Product photographs, features, specifications, performance charts, outline drawings and ordering information are provided for the components.

WJ Communications, San Jose, CA (800) 951-4401.

Circle No. 329


* Quartz Crystal Product Selection Guide

This product selection guide features the company's line of quartz crystals, including through-hole and SMD crystals, through-hole monolithic and SMD monolithic crystal filters, through-hole and SMD crystal clock oscillators, VCXOs and TCXOs, and TCVCXOs and OCXOs. Product photographs, specifications and performance characteristics are provided.

World Technologies Ltd., Lenexa, KS (800) 900-9825.

Circle No. 330


* MMIC Product Designer's Guide

This 818-page designer's guide includes 39 new MMIC product data sheets, as well as wireless application selection guides, applications notes and trade journal article reprints. Over 135 products covering DC to 40 GHz are detailed.

Hittite Microwave Corp., Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343.

Circle No. 331


* Product Datasheet

This datasheet features the company's WA style resistors, resistor networks, custom resistors and metallized substrates. Product drawings, descriptions, features, applications and specifications are listed. A company overview, contact and ordering information are also provided.

Mini-Systems Inc., Attleboro, MA (508) 226-2111.

Circle No. 332


* Coaxial Connector Catalog

This catalog details a wide range of RF coaxial connectors and a line of adapters and custom-designed cable assemblies. It features quick-disconnect connectors that correspond to LC, C, SC, BNC and TNC types, super-quick designs for sputtering, wafer processing and high power applications, and quick-change types for use with wattmeters and other high power testing and monitoring equipment.

Tru-Connector Corp., Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878 or (978) 532-0775.

Circle No. 333