Maury Microwave has introduced its next generation of phase-stable cable assemblies.  

Maury’s StabilityPlus™ phase-stable cable assemblies are available up to 50 GHz, and have been designed with an emphasis on phase-stability with flexure, increased flexibility, and more connector options.

“StabilityPlus cable assemblies build on the Stability™ family legacy with superior amplitude and phase stability with flexure,” said Steve Dudkiewicz, VP, Marketing and Business Development.  “StabilityPlus are truly the industry’s best phase-stable cable assemblies.”

StabilityPlus offers reliable and repeatable measurements and are extremely durable, ruggedized and crush-resistant with a long flex-life. Later this year, Maury will add 67 GHz cables assembles to the StabilityPlus family.

Additional information regarding Maury’s StabilityPlus phase-stable cable assemblies can be found at and can be purchased online at