Modelithics, Inc. announced the newest version of the COMPLETE Library, version 17.6, for Sonnet Suites. This release adds a significant number of new models, increasing the library content by approximately 20 percent.

Scalable Modelithics Microwave Global Models™ allow designers to achieve very accurate RF and microwave design simulation quickly and easily. Each model represents the complete range of part values in a vendor component family. The substrate scalability feature of Modelithics models allows for a range of substrate properties to be entered into the model, which will then predict accurate parasitic simulation based on these inputs. This equates to a countless collection of simulation data, applicable for a wide range of design characteristics, just in one model.

Version 17.6 now has 300 models representing over 16,000 components, including new models just added for passive component families from Würth Elektronik, KEMET, Johanson, Presidio, Coilcraft, ATC, AVX, Murata, Murata Integrated Passive Solutions, API Inmet, KOA, Samsung, ST Microelectronics, TDK and Taiyo Yuden. Once installed, all of the models are easily accessible and can be quickly added to any design using the “Add Component”–“User Model” menu item within Sonnet Suites.

A trial of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Sonnet Suites can be requested for evaluation of the models.