Kymeta and Intelsat announced that Kymeta’s KĀLO™ internet access service is available with broad initial geographic coverage. KĀLO combines Intelsat’s high-throughput satellite (HTS) network with Kymeta’s flat panel, electronically-steered satellite terminals to provide high bandwidth internet access on mobile platforms and in areas with limited access to terrestrial networks.

For industries that have difficulty accessing reliable, affordable internet — rail, bus, connected cars, energy, commercial fishing — the KĀLO service offers a complete solution. Initial deployments include fixed locations like construction sites, “on-the-pause” environments like RVs and mobile vehicles like trains and smaller maritime vessels.

Purchasing internet access with KĀLO is similar to buying a consumer mobile phone plan. Dushyant Sukhija, general manager of the KĀLO business, said, “With KĀLO, Kymeta delivers up to 4 Mbps mobile internet service in familiar by-the-gigabyte plans. KĀLO services provide a scalable, flexible, high-performance, high-throughput network with a broad geographic footprint, and we make that happen with service packages that are as easy to buy as a cell phone plan.”

Asked about the coverage of the service, Lisa Dreher, Kymeta’s director of marketing, told Microwave Journal, “U.S., Europe, Latin and South America, Middle East, North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean and more to begin. It is very broad straight out of the gate and will continue to expand.”

Mark Rasmussen, the general manager for mobility services at Intelsat, said, “Our investment in Kymeta was driven by the desire to simplify and accelerate access to cost-effective connectivity, pairing a groundbreaking global satellite network with a groundbreaking satellite terminal.”