Antenna start-up Kymeta launched its third cross-country drive, a two-week road trip across the U.S. in its connected Toyota RAV4 to demonstrate its KĀLO™ mobile internet service. KĀLO services will deliver a new mobile satellite internet service designed to make mobile, high-throughput internet access available and easy to buy.

The KĀLO Trek Across America began in Washington, D.C., winding across the country, covering over 7,000 miles and culminating with a homecoming event at the Kymeta campus in Washington state on November 27. 

Powered by the IntelsatOne® Flex network, Kymeta KĀLO services will provide high bandwidth mobile satellite internet access to industries that require connectivity on the move, such as military, news reporting, first responders, construction, trains and buses. KĀLO services, when paired with Kymeta™ KyWay™ terminals and mTennau ASMs, will connect places and fixed and mobile platforms that have traditionally had limited or no connectivity.

The KĀLO Trek Across America tells another important story: the possibility of a truly connected car is now a reality. Kymeta’s Toyota RAV4 will remain connected throughout its U.S. journey, conducting live streams and updates from the road.

Dushyant Sukhija, general manager of the KĀLO business unit, said, "Kymeta is taking its connected car across the country to put the network through the paces. When launched, KĀLO mobile internet services will mark a revolutionary change in the way satellite services are purchased and supplied, making it as simple as purchasing a cell phone plan. The launch of Kymeta KĀLO services will usher in changes in the way businesses get work done: on the move, from everyday vehicles, in even the most difficult to reach industries and areas of the world.”

Mark Rasmussen, general manager of Mobility at Intelsat, said, “As innovations in satellite connectivity come to market, such as our Intelsat EpicNG high-throughput satellites, we are unlocking new applications. Industries recognize that connected cars and other vehicles will enable new services and opportunities for increased efficiency; traditional networks can’t support that growth today. Leveraging our global IntelsatOne Flex network, our partnership with Kymeta will bring KĀLO internet services to every corner of the U.S., and eventually every region of the world. This plan aligns to our goal: make connectivity accessible to everyone, everything, everywhere, at any time. Kymeta KĀLO services are proof that connectivity can reach every industry, large and small, and be used for any application, no matter where you are, especially while you’re on the move.”