3D Smith Chart3D Smith Chart

Andrei A. Muller (PhD), Alin Moldoveanu (PhD), Victor Asavei (PhD), Cristian Fleischer

The 3D Smith Chart is the first commercially available software tool that enables new capabilities for RF/microwave designers that were not available using the original Smith chart introduced in 1939. First proposed in 2011, the 3D Smith Chart can represent both active and passive microwave circuits on a spherical plot. Using the mathematical concept of the Riemann sphere, the extended reflection coefficient plane is transformed into the surface of the unit sphere. Since the 3D Smith Chart compiles the whole complex plane, all possible loads can be plotted on the chart, which is not possible on the traditional Smith chart. Lossy lines with complex characteristic impedances can also be represented.

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AppCAD Design Assistant for Microsoft Windows

Avago Technologies

AppCAD is a free Design Assistant Tool for Microsoft Windows

  • S-Parameter Analysis and Plotting
  • Active Circuit Bias Design
  • Cascade Noise and IP3 Analysis
  • Transmission Line Analysis
  • Signals and Systems
  • Complex Math Engineering Calculator

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Microwave Impedance Calculator Rogers

Rogers Corporation

This software is intended to assist with microwave circuit design in predicting the impedance of a circuit made with Rogers High Frequency circuit materials. The software also has some capabilities for predicting transmission line losses as well. The user will select the circuit materials and the circuit construction, after which the software will determine the predicted impedance and other electrical information.

The calculator uses well known closed form equations to determine impedance and loss of a given circuit model. The loss calculation is divided into conductor loss and dielectric loss. With specific circuit designs, the calculator also predicts other properties such as wavelength in the circuit, skin depth and thermal rise above ambient.

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Reflectometer CalculatorMDL


The Reflectometer Calculator allows engineers to input any one of three known values, (Reflection Coefficient (p), VSWR or Return Loss), to quickly convert to the other unknown values. This tool allows the user to put their System or Component’s performance in perspective. Users can quickly convert to numbers they are comfortable using to determine the System or Component’s RF efficiency. The calculator will even provide engineers with a window of uncertainty for measurements taken with less than perfect systems (Coupler Directivity).



RS Microwave Company

RSplot simulator plots and analyses S-parameter files. It is a simple to use application that does not require installation (application is in exe form). RSplot is suitable to plot multiport S-parameter files in rectangular formats.

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Smith Chart Matching Web App

Besser Associates

Use this handy Smith Chart web app to create matching networks. Easiest tool to use: drag elements right on the chart! Supports multiple frequencies, transmission line elements, etc.

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Teledyne Lecroy

SParamViewer is a tool for plotting S-parameters


  • Reads standard Touchstone format S-parameter files
  • Zoom in for more detail
  • Copy and Paste S-parameter data as images, text or Microsoft Excel® format

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Z-S-Y-A Parameter Conversion CalculatorZSYA

Daycounter, Inc

This calculator converts between Z-, Y- and S-parameters. S-parameters are a function of the characteristic impedance. All impedances are expressed in rectangular form (R+Xj).

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VSWR/Return Loss CalculatorVSWR


Pasternack's VSWR/Return Loss Calculator finds VSWR, Return Loss, Mismatch Loss, and the Reflection Coefficient given any one of the listed input types.

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Pegasus TechnologiesThe Smith Chart

Pegasus Technologies

This site comprises a comprehensive array of tutorials and related tools, including explanations, examples, references and charting applications.