Copper Mountain

Precision Antenna Measurement Guide

This eBook provides in-depth articles covering precision antenna measurement topics including anechoic chamber design and optimization, automated antenna measurement using a VNA, and antenna connection techniques for accurate testing of small antennas.

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National Instruments

Advances in AESA Radar

The four technical articles selected by the editors for this ebook cover the latest industry trends in AESA radar ranging from traditional T/R module based arrays to new tile array configurations and a review of metamaterials approaches. Analog versus digtial beamforming including a hybrid approach are also covered.

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Rise of 5G

The Rise of 5G - mmWave Moves Forward

This eBook brings together several recent articles from Microwave Journal covering mmWave radios for communications, 5G mmWave applications, mmWave propagation measurements, automotive radar issues and mmWave gesture control of IoT devices. These articles take an in-depth look at each area including measured data and examples. The mmWave revolution has begun!

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