RF Power Transistors
The model PTF 10149 RF power transistors exhibit a linearity of ±0.25 dB over the 920 to 960 MHz band and employ the company’s GOLDMOS technology which significantly improves RF performance. Best suited for GSM mobile phone base station transmitters, the transistors offer output power of 70 W and gain of 16 dB. The rugged units operate from a standard 28 V supply and have a minimum drain-source breakdown voltage of 65 V. Load mismatch tolerance is 5 and class AB two-tone third order intermodulation distortion is -39 dBc at 20 W peak envelope power.
Ericsson Microelectronics, Richardson, TX (877) 465-3667.

MOSFET Transistors
The S series MOSFET transistors operate up to 500 MHz while providing 90 and 120 W of RF power. Designed for both narrow and wideband data and voice communication applications, the transistors exhibit a low Crss . Data sheets, S parameters and SPICE models are available.
Polyfet RF Devices, Camarillo, CA (805) 484-4210.

30 GHz SiGe Bipolar Transistors
The model HBT30 series silicon germanium (SiGe) low phase noise, high frequency transistors are designed for oscillator applications up to 16 GHz. The device exhibits low 1/f noise of -142 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and provides +17 dBm output power at the 1 dB gain compression point. Operated from a single supply voltage with appropriate external passive components, the transistors offer > 50 percent power-added efficiency when used as an amplifier and provide high thermal conductivity and low junction temperature.
SiGe Microsystems Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (613) 748-1334.

High Linearity LDMOS Power Transistors
These high linearity power transistors are based on laterally diffused metal oxide silicon (LDMOS) technology that supports designs for emerging third-generation markets, CDMA and wideband CDMA. Fabricated with gold metallization, gold bond wire interconnects and gold-plated packages, the transistors are tuned for communication frequencies from 800 to 2400 MHz with power levels from 10 to 120 W. Designed specifically to meet the demands of today’s linear communication systems, the devices offer high reliability at a reduced system cost.
Stanford Microdevices Inc. (SMI), Sunnyvale, CA (408) 616- 5400, ext. 406.